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Year 7 - secondary school applications

Apply to transfer to Year 7 at secondary school for September 2023.

Key dates when applying for secondary school

Key dates Event
6 September 2022 Applications open.
31 October 2022 Closing date for applications.
14 November 2022 Closing date for receipt of proof of new address. Also deadline for receipt of late applications with extenuating reasons provided
1 March 2023 National offer day: look online, receive email and letters are sent out by second class post where needed.
15 March 2023 Last date for responding to an offer and for placing a child’s name on a Continued Interest List in response to offers made on 1 March. Also, deadline for late applications and changes of preference to be considered in the second round of the allocation process.
5 May 2023 Second allocation day.
September 2023 Start of the school year.