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Year 7 - secondary school applications

Apply to transfer to Year 7 at secondary school for September 2023.

Continued interest lists for secondary schools

Where a child cannot be offered a place at a preferred school, their name can be added to the continued interest list.

If you applied online, you can request to join the continued interest list online.

Where a paper form is posted, this can be scanned or photographed and emailed to: schoolofferresponse@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Or you can return it in the post to:

School Admissions Team
County Hall
New Road

The deadline for receipt of completed continued interest requests is 2 May 2023.

Please note that your child can only join the continued interest list for schools where they have been refused admission and are higher on your preference list than the school offered. A child’s name cannot be added to a list that has not yet been applied for.

Lists for most schools will be maintained until 30 June 2024. If a place becomes available, we'll write to you if we can offer that place to your child. We recommend that you accept the offered school to ensure a place for your child in September.

The second allocation round will take place on 8 June 2023. We will consider late applications, changes of preference and continued interest lists together for any available places where details have been received by 2 May 2023.

Any available places will be offered strictly in accordance with each school’s published admissions rules.

Find out how to add your child to a continued interest list.