Apply for a Blue Badge

Check your eligibility and apply for a Blue Badge.

Track the progress of your application

If you submitted your application online, you can track progress by logging into your account. You should do this before you contact us. 

Why your application is delayed

Several things will delay your application.

  • An application sent without all of the required documents. We will not start to process your application until we have received all of your documents. Check your documents and learn how to supply your documents.
  • An application sent without the correct documents. To make a decision, we need to see evidence that supports your application. If you do not supply the documents requested or do not provide sufficient evidence for the criterion, we cannot process your application. Check your documents.
  • An application made under the wrong criterion. Before you make your application, check your eligibility for the criterion under which you want to apply. You must supply documents that match that criterion. If you don't, your application will be refused. Check the Blue Badge eligibility criteria
  • An application made using the wrong personal details. In the application, you must only provide the personal details of the adult or child who needs the Blue Badge - not your own. Failure to provide the correct details will result in rejection of the application.

Why you've been asked for more information

If you have not supplied all of your documents or the ones you have provided are not sufficient to support your application, we will ask you for more information.

We will send you an email requesting documents or further information. You must follow the instructions in the email and supply the information as soon as possible, or your application will be delayed.

Log in to your account to view messages (tasks) that say we are waiting for something from you. Click on the task and follow the instructions. We will not process your application until you complete the task.

How to supply your documents.