Complaints, comments and compliments

How to tell us what you think about our services - good or bad.

Before you start

Oxfordshire County Council is committed to delivering quality services, so it is essential that the people who access services feel able to give feedback, whether this is positive or negative.

This section is for people feeding back information about Oxfordshire County Council services.There are separate processes for complaining about the conduct of councillors and schools.

Telling us for the first time

If you are telling us about an issue for the first time – for example, telling us about a pothole – report it rather than raising a complaint by using the relevant service page or contacting us, as this will allow us to put things right.

Telling us as soon as possible

With complaints, it is easier to find out what happened and put things right if you tell us straight away. 

We will normally only accept complaints made within twelve months of the incident or circumstances that led to the complaint.

If your complaint is older than twelve months, contact us so that we can tell you about other ways that might still be available to solve your problem.

Our policies

We have a duty to listen to your concerns and follow the Oxfordshire County Council comments and complaints policy (pdf format, 253Kb) - which provides details of how we will handle your complaint.

When a person's behaviour becomes unreasonable in exceptional circumstances, we may need to follow our management of unreasonable customer behaviour policy (pdf format, 337Kb).