Improving your home

We can refer you to your district council for assistance keeping safe, secure, independent and warm.

Help for owners and occupiers

There are several grants and schemes designed to help you make essential repairs and improve the comfort, safety and security of your home. District councils provide these, but you can refer yourself or someone else using the home repairs referral form.

Disabled facilities grants

If you are eligible for a disabled facilities grant, your home can be adapted to make your day-to-day life more manageable. The disabled facilities grant is means-tested - whether you can receive it depends on your other sources of income. Your district/city council may have alternative loans/grants which are not means-tested.

Essential repair grants

Means-tested grants for homeowners to help with essential repairs to the home.

Flexible home loans

This loan scheme for owners occupiers aged 60 and over is designed to help you to make essential repairs and improve the comfort, safety and security of your home.

Energy efficiency grants

There’s a range of grants available for energy efficiency measures.  There are often eligibility criteria and schemes can open and close.   You can either register here or contact Better Housing Better Health to find out the latest.

Help for council tenants

If you are a council tenant, and over 65 or receiving disability living allowance, you may be entitled to have help with the maintenance of your home.

Oxford City Council has put in place a repairs exemption policy to provide help for those tenants who are unable to maintain their home through physical disability.

Small repairs services across the county

Small repair services are available to owners, occupiers and tenants who are aged 60 and over, disabled or suffering from a long-term health condition. 

Occupational therapy

Oxfordshire County Council takes referrals for occupational therapy, which can help identify if you would benefit from any pieces of equipment, from simple solutions such as a walking aid or a second stair rail to major adaptations such as walk-in showers.

If you have difficulty with day-to-day activities such as getting washed and dressed or getting yourself something to eat, an assessment by a social worker can help you find out if you are entitled to a personal budget to pay for the support you need.

Home adaptions and equipment

You can buy your own equipment directly from providers.

You can borrow daily living aids to help you with day-to-day tasks.

home assessment may help identify if you would benefit from any pieces of equipment. This could be simple solutions such as a walking aid, a second stair rail, or significant adaptations such as walk-in showers.

Trusted Traders

Oxfordshire County Council's 'Buy With Confidence' scheme provides a list of reputable local businesses checked by Trading Standards, such as builders.