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Paid home to school travel assistance (spare seats scheme)

For pupils who don’t qualify for free school transport.

For pupils who do not qualify for free school transport, we offer a paid transport place called spare seats scheme transport.

Travel can only be offered where there are spare seats on school buses operating for students who qualify for statutory transport. A seat can only be guaranteed for the term the seat has been sold for. Therefore, you should have an alternative plan in case Spare Seat transport can no longer be offered.

Invoices are issued three times per year; in August (Autumn term), December (Spring term) and March (Summer term)

2022/23 Academic year:

Please note that there is no guarantee that the council will be able to sell you a seat for September, so you should also plan in case your application is unsuccessful.

You can apply for spare seats scheme transport commencing September 2022 from 1 April 2022 using the link below:

Apply online for the Spare Seats Scheme

Costs for the 2022/23 academic year will be:

  • Home to school journey is under 3 miles      £394.00 a year (£131.33 per term)
  • Home to school journey is 3 miles or over    £733.00 a year (£244.33 per term)

The deadline for applications is 30 June 2022. Applications for September 2022 cannot be processed before this date.  We will aim to let applicants know by 31 July 2022 if we are able to offer a seat for sale or not. 

Applications received after 30 June 2022 we will aim to acknowledge within 10 working days of receipt of application and processed as soon as possible thereafter.

By applying for a spare seat, applicants and students agree to adhere to School Transport Code of Conduct (pdf format, 184Kb)

Pay an invoice

Pay an invoice online

You will need to enter your student ID (this is shown on the invoice as student reference).