Apply to a University Technical College (UTC) or Studio School

How to apply for a Year 10 transfer at a more science focused and vocational curriculum school.

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) and Studio Schools are state funded educational establishments that offer places to children from Year 10 to Year 13.

These establishments offer a more science focused and vocational curriculum than most state funded schools.

From 10 September 2018 online applications can be submitted for children born between 1 September 2004 and 31 August 2005. These are children who will start Year 10 in September 2019.

How to apply

From 10 September 2018 you can apply online for a place at a UTC or Studio School for Year 10 transfer.

If you cannot apply online, you can request a paper application form from schools and from the School Admissions Team.

The deadline for receipt of completed applications is 31 October 2018.

If your application is late, it will be processed later in the year, and you are far less likely to get a place at one of your preferred school or college. 

 For further details please read our Further Steps (pdf format, 2.6Mb) online booklet.

List of establishments

In Oxfordshire, there are currently three establishments available for Year 10 transfer.

Banbury - Space Studio Banbury

Aspirations Campus, Ruskin Road, Banbury OX16 9HY

Bicester - Bicester Technology Studio

Queen’s Avenue, Bicester OX26 2NS
For full contact details and prospectus visit Bicester Technology Studio’s website.

Didcot - UTC Oxfordshire

Greenwood Way, Harwell, Didcot OX11 6BZ
For full contact details and prospectus visit the UTC Oxfordshire’s website.

Key dates

  • 10 September 2018 - parents can start to apply 
  • 31 October 2018 - closing date for applications
  • 1 March 2019 – allocation day: letters (sent by second class post) and emails sent detailing the offer of a school place
  • September 2019 – start of the school year

School transport

If your child gets a place at a UTC or Studio School, this does not mean that they will be eligible for free home to school transport.

Year 10 children are eligible for free home to school transport where they attend their nearest available school, if that school is over 3 miles from their home address. However, transport can also be provided where the distance to the nearest available school is less than 3 miles and the route is currently listed as dangerous by the Council.

So, if a UTC or Studio School is further from your home address than another school with an available place in Year 10, free home to school transport will not be provided.

Please see the Travelling to school page for further details.

To find out where your nearest school is, please contact us here:

Please note that where a new school is built, this can affect a child’s eligibility to school transport.