Transferring or moving school

How to apply for places at Oxfordshire schools during the academic year (in-year transfers).

We accept in-year school transfer applications a maximum of one term in advance of the requested start date, based on six terms per academic year.

We aim to process school applications within 15 school days, but there can be delays due to factors such as:

  • waiting for academies to confirm outcomes (some academies have just one admissions meeting per month, and may miss out July altogether)
  • the number of applications causing a backlog
  • staff unavailability - staff attending appeals hearings, attending training courses etc

Please do not call the Admissions Team regarding delays to applications, as this will cause even more delay. We will contact you either by email or post once we have processed your application.

Schools that process applications independently

The following schools process their own in-year transfer applications and should be contacted direct:

Moving address

Moving to Oxfordshire

If you are moving to Oxfordshire you should apply using the Oxfordshire in-year application form (below). You should provide proof of your new address with the application. Please see below about what information we accept as proof of address.

Moving to Oxfordshire from overseas

If you are moving to Oxfordshire from overseas we always request a copy of the child's passport and, if necessary, visa (if the child holds a non-EU passport). Please provide a copy of this with the application. It is not possible to offer a school place to a child arriving in Oxfordshire from overseas unless we have seen evidence that they are entitled to a UK state education.

You should also provide proof of your new address. See below about information we accept as proof of address.

Moving within Oxfordshire

If you are moving within Oxfordshire (from an Oxfordshire address to another Oxfordshire address), you should apply using the Oxfordshire in-year application form (below). You should provide proof of your new address with the application. See below about information
we accept as proof of address.

Moving out of Oxfordshire

If you are moving out of Oxfordshire (and you want your child to transfer to a school in another county/area), you will need to apply direct via the new local authority for the area you are moving to, or (in some cases) via the school direct.  You can find out your new local authority using the Government’s postcode finder.

Not moving address

Transfer to a different Oxfordshire school

If you are not moving but want your child to move to another school in Oxfordshire. You should apply using the Oxfordshire in-year application form (below).

Transfer to a school in another county/local authority

If you are not moving but want your child to move to a school in the area of another local authority, you will need to apply direct via the other local authority, or (in some cases) via the school direct. The following local authorities are Oxfordshire’s geographical neighbours:

Proof of address

If you are moving to a new address in Oxfordshire, you should provide proof of that new address as soon as possible. It is likely that this will give your child a higher priority for a school place than if your application is processed on your current or previous address.

Please note that if your tenancy is for less than six months, this may not be considered as sufficient proof of address for school admission purposes.

Documents we accept as proof of address:

  • Solicitor’s letter confirming contracts have been exchanged
  • Tenancy agreement (page showing details of new address and last page signed by landlord and tenant)
  • New Council Tax demand
  • Letter from new employer (e.g. University college) where accommodation is being provided by them and is tied to the new post/job
  • New Quarter information if this is a military posting with provided accommodation
  • Assignment Order if this is a military posting but new quarter has not yet been notified.

Applying for an in-year transfer

You can use the in-year application form to transfer your child to a different school. You can use the process below to send the form to us electronically or print it and send it to us by post.

Apple Mac users

If you are using an Apple Mac/MacBook save the file to your desktop and open it in Preview or Acrobat.

Do not open and edit directly in your web browser.

You can submit your transfer request online to us. You will need Adobe Reader version 7 or above to complete the form. You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

To apply online, follow the process below:

1. Save the Transfer application form for in year transfers  (pdf format, 450Kb) to your computer by right-clicking the link and choosing "save target as" or "save link as" depending on your browser.

2. Open the form up in Adobe Reader, complete it and save your changes.

3. Upload the document using the transfer form along with proof of address if required.

Next steps

Once we have processed your application, we will contact you either by email or post.

Applications for year 10 or 11

It is likely that a large number of Oxfordshire secondary schools will refuse applications from Oxfordshire residents to transfer school in year 10 or 11, regardless of the reason for the request, as GCSE options and core subjects may already be full, therefore limiting the school’s ability to take on more children without compromising the education of children already studying at the school.

General advice

The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) has published a report Between the Cracks about in-year admissions, and evidence that moving schools may lead to falling levels of attainment. Sometimes school transfers cannot be avoided, but it is always advisable to discuss any concerns with the Headteacher or Principal of the child's current school first.

If you are considering moving your child between Oxfordshire schools because of a problem with a particular school, you should try to resolve the issue with the school first. In the first instance, you can raise your concerns with the Headteacher and subsequently, if necessary, with the Chair of Governors of your child's current school.

Continued interest list

It is not always possible to offer a place at a requested school.

There is a continued interest list for each school, which unsuccessful applicants can join if they wish.

The lists are ranked in order using the published admissions rules for each school. Unprocessed applications are considered alongside, and not separately, from those on the list. If a place becomes available at a school we will contact the parents of the highest priority child.

Continued interest lists for most schools will be held until 30 June 2019, at which point they will close. Some schools may end their continued interest lists earlier than this date. Please check individual school websites for details.

In-year fair access

The 2014 School Admissions Code requires all state-funded mainstream schools to participate in their local authority's Fair Access Protocol (pdf format, 306Kb) in order to ensure that unplaced children, especially the most vulnerable, are offered places promptly and at a suitable school. It is only used for the in year admission of children who are difficult to place, particularly those with challenging behaviour.

Challenging behaviour is defined as serious criminal behaviour resulting in a conviction or a police caution, behaviour resulting in a permanent exclusion, or behaviour resulting in a significant number of fixed term exclusions from which it is clear that the child is at serious risk of permanent exclusion.

Children who need to be placed through the Fair Access Protocol are given priority for admission over others on a continued interest list (waiting list) or those awaiting an appeal.


If your school application is refused, you may appeal against the decision.