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Apply to a University Technical College (UTC) or Studio School

How to apply for a Year 10 transfer at a more science-focused and vocational curriculum school.

UTCs and Studio Schools in Oxfordshire

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) and Studio Schools are state-funded educational establishments that offer places to children from Year 10 to Year 13.

They offer a more science-focused and vocational curriculum than many other state-funded schools.

List of establishments

In Oxfordshire, there are two establishments available for Year 10 transfer.

More information about UTCs (pdf format, 59 Kb)

How to apply for a place

Year 10 transfer for September 2024

The UTC and Studio Schools in Oxfordshire now process their own applications for Year 10 transfer. If you are interested in applying for Year 10 transfer you should visit the establishments’ websites (see above) where information can be found on how to apply, when to apply and when applicants will be notified about the outcome of applications.

Transfer during the school year

The UTC and Studio Schools in Oxfordshire process their own in-year transfers. See school websites for their in-year application processes. 

Consider how your child will get to school

If your child gets a place at a UTC or Studio School, this does not mean that they will be eligible for free home to school transport.

Year 10 children are eligible for free home to school transport where they attend their nearest available school if that school is over three miles from their home address. However, transport can also be provided where the distance to the nearest available school is less than three miles and the route is currently listed as dangerous by the council.

So, if a UTC or Studio School is further from your home address than another school with an available place in Year 10, free home to school transport will not be provided.

Please see the Travelling to school page for further details.

To find out where your nearest school is, please contact us.

Please note that where a new school is built, this can affect a child’s eligibility for school transport.

Offer day

Applicants will be contacted direct by the relevant UTC or Studio School on 1 March 2024 with the outcome of their applications. Check websites for precise details.

Responding to offers

Successful applicants will be advised how to accept or decline the offer of a place. Check websites for further details.

Continued interest/waiting lists

If your child is refused admission to your preferred UTC or Studio School, they will advise you. They will also provide details on:

  • how to appeal against their decision to refuse admission
  • how to join their continued interest/waiting list.


Any child refused admission to a state-funded school can appeal against the decision.

The Futures Institute has its own independent appeal arrangements in place. If your child is refused admission to this establishment, you should contact them directly about how to appeal against their decision.

UTC Oxfordshire has a contract with Oxfordshire County Council’s Appeals Team to run their independent admission appeals service. If your child is refused admission to this establishment, check our appeals information on how to lodge an appeal.

Independent school

If your child is going to attend an independent school, you must contact us with the name of the school in writing as soon as possible.

Home educating

If you are going to educate your child at home contact us as soon as possible. Contact the Elective Home Education Team for further information and advice.

Leaving Oxfordshire

If you are leaving the area and no longer require a school place in Oxfordshire contact us as soon as possible.

Further guidance

See the Further Steps guide (pdf format, 700Kb) for further information on UTCs and Studio Schools