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A40 integrated bus lanes

The proposed integrated bus lanes and improved walking and cycling routes will provide alternative and safer options for travel.

About the project

image of the proposed integrated bus lanes

The proposal is to widen the carriageway along a 6.5km stretch to add dedicated bus lanes running eastbound and westbound along the A40 between Eynsham park and ride to Duke’s Cut. Bus gates will be installed to give priority to buses at locations where they join the general traffic lane.   

A new, improved pathway for pedestrians and cyclists will run parallel with the new bus lanes ensuring a continuous traffic-free shared-use route between Witney, Eynsham park and ride and Oxford.

Your questions answered

View your questions about the A40 integrated bus lanes scheme answered for more details.

Take a look at a flyover of the scheme - video

Note: the flythrough of the scheme is between 1:41 – 3:36. This video has no audio.

Why we are investing here

Across the full A40 improvements programme, we’re investing in six major schemes, which will deliver a new park and ride, an extension of the dual carriageway around Witney, new bus lanes and junction improvements.

The programme will result in better transport connections, promote sustainable travel options, and reduce emissions. It will enable the creation of new jobs and support the requirements of local housing. 

Public engagement on the A40 HIF2 Smart Corridor projects brings together the A40 integrated bus lanes with two other complementary projects:

The dedicated bus lanes will enable fast, reliable, congestion-free travel. The improvements to the pedestrian and cycle paths will make travelling by alternative means for local, and longer distance trips safe, direct, and convenient. 

Where we are now

In light of global inflationary pressures, the A40 improvements programme was extensively reviewed between November 2022 and June 2023. On 17 July 2023, the county cabinet approved a new plan to build the programme in phases. 

The initial phase includes dedicated bus lanes between Eynsham park and ride and Oxford, as well as the addition of controlled crossings and upgraded shared-use paths to make walking and cycling safer along the historically congested A40 between Witney and Oxford. Later phases of work will be planned and delivered as funding becomes available.  

 Specifically, the initial phase provides:

  • Full bus priority eastbound along the A40 between the new Eynsham park and ride and Oxford North
  • Maximised bus priority westbound along the A40 between Oxford North and the new park and ride.
  • A high-quality active travel route along the A40 between Eynsham park and ride and North Oxford.
  • A junction onto the A40 from the park and ride

Later phases of work including the A40 dual carriageway extension will be planned and delivered as funding becomes available.