Privacy notice

How and why information about you will be used by Oxfordshire County Council.

We may update this privacy notice at any time and may also notify you in other ways from time to time about the way that we use your information.

How we will use your information

We collect personal information in order to perform services which we provide as part of our statutory functions. Where services are not part of our statutory functions, we may seek your consent to collect and process your personal information.

We will use your information to create a case record for you and we are responsible by law for decisions relating to the security and use of your personal information.

  • Generally, we will not use your information without your permission for purposes not directly related to the services we provide;
  • If your information is to be used for purposes such as training or planning and improving services, your information will be anonymised;
  • It might be necessary to share your information for a purpose not related to the services if:
    • your health or safety, or that of others, is at risk;
    • we wish to help prevent or investigate crime;
    • we are required to comply with a legal obligation.

Type of information will we keep about you

  • details about you such as full name, date of birth, and contact details such as phone number, address, and e-mail address where appropriate;
  • information about contact with you;
  • information relevant to the services being provided, for instance library service, social care, issue of parking permits or disabled parking badges, etc.

Keeping your information secure

To ensure that your information is used appropriately and that your privacy is respected, your personal information will be held and used in compliance with the requirements of all applicable legislation. This means that:

  • the council will take steps to ensure that your information is kept as safe as possible, and that it is always accurate and up to date;
  • only those staff who need to do so will access your personal information;
  • your record will be retained in accordance with the council’s retention schedule.

Who we share information with

To provide the most suitable services we often work closely with other organisations. It may, therefore, be in your best interests for your information to be made available to these organisations. In addition, we may be required by law to share your information with some of these organisations. Typically, depending on the circumstances, we share information with the following types of organisations:

  • educational establishments, such as schools and early year’s settings;
  • other health and social care professionals (e.g. NHS organisations);
  • local and central government bodies (e.g. City / District councils in the county);
  • law enforcement agencies such as the Police, and Fire and Rescue Service;
  • regulatory authorities, such as the Local Government Ombudsman;
  • the council’s external auditors, currently Ernst and Young.

Some of our services are provided by organisations working on behalf of the council or in partnership with the council, such as care providers or charities. Your personal information may be passed to one of these when required to perform the service.

However, the council will still be responsible for your information, its security and what happens to it. Where we do share your information, we will take steps to ensure that those it is shared with keep your information secure, and that they also comply with the legislation. Where NHS National Data Opt-Out applies, we will comply.

Your rights

In addition to having the right to be informed about how we will use your information, you have the right (free of charge) to the following:

  • access to personal information we hold about you;
  • to have your information corrected if there are inaccuracies or if the information is incomplete;
  • to restrict the processing of your information in certain circumstances in accordance with applicable law;
  • in some instances, to object to your personal information being used at all due to special grounds relating to your particular situation - however, there may be compelling reasons why we may need to continue using your information even in these circumstances;
  • to be told if your personal information is lost and if, as a result, your privacy and rights may be at risk.

In addition to the above, if we have no legal basis to process your information other than the fact that you gave us your consent, then you have the following additional rights:

  • to withdraw your consent to process your information;
  • in some instances, to ask for your personal information to be sent to another organisation in a suitable format. For example, we can provide you with your information in a structured, commonly used, machine readable form when asked;
  • to withhold permission for your information to be shared.

If you wish to see the information we hold, or if you believe that information we hold is out of date or inaccurate, or you have additional information that could affect any services we provide to you, use the online form or telephone 01865 792422.

Data Controller

Oxfordshire County Council is the Data Controller for data it collects from you as an individual.

Data Protection Policy

The council’s Data Protection Policy can viewed online, or can be requested by email or by telephone 01865 792422.

Questions or complaints

Please speak to your usual contact in the council in the first instance. If you are still unsatisfied, you may contact the council’s Data Protection Officer as follows:

Information Management Team Oxfordshire County Council County Hall, New Road, Oxford OX1 1ND. Email

You can also complete the online complaints form.

You also have the right to appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office which is the UK regulatory authority for data protection issues:

Information Commissioner’s Office Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF. or telephone 0303 123 1113.

We will need to update this privacy notice from time to time. We will maintain a latest version number and you can ask us about this notice.

Version 1.6
Updated March 2020

COVID-19 privacy notice

We currently have a COVID-19 privacy notice (pdf format, 92KB) for the ongoing pandemic emergency response.