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Your questions about the A40 integrated bus lanes scheme answered

This page includes the most talked about elements of the A40 integrated bus lanes scheme.

A40 integrated bus lanes (joint bus lanes) scheme

The joint bus lanes project involves the installation of about 6.5km long bus lanes on the eastbound and westbound sections of the A40. The scheme will include cycle path improvements and junction alterations and improvements.

The scheme is proposed to go from the Eynsham park and ride to Duke’s Cut bridges west of the A34 viaduct. 

Why we are delivering this scheme

The A40 and in particular the section between Eynsham and Duke’s Cut is heavily congested.

The scheme promotes and encourages improved active travel and encourages the use of public transport to and from Oxford and along the A40 corridor. 

Cycling along the A40

Cycle and pedestrian paths will be provided from the Eynsham park and ride to Duke’s Cut canal bridge approaching Wolvercote roundabout. Provision will be made to safely cross all side roads and major junctions along this route.

Subway proposed at Old Witney Road

Where crossing demands are likely to be highest, we will invest in better crossings to minimise diversion and delay for new and future communities to access facilities and services.

We propose focusing investment on a subway to link new and existing communities north and south with the new facilities, like the park and ride.

We'll locate the subway:

  • where there is enough space to align the structure
  • so users can see through it and feel safe using it. 

Proposals to close Horsemere Lane to motor vehicles

Horsemere Lane is a bridleway, but it has been used by motor vehicles for many years. Like speed limits, closing the road to motor vehicles will require a formal TRO consultation. Proposals will show the lane being closed to motor vehicles.

The proposed improvements to Cassington traffic lights will provide a modest flare to accommodate changes in demand.