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Your questions about the A40 integrated bus lanes scheme answered

This page includes the most talked about elements of the A40 integrated bus lanes scheme.

Subway at Old Witney Road

Where road crossing demands are likely to be highest, we will invest in better crossings to minimise diversion and delays for residents to access facilities and services.

We propose to build a subway to link current and future communities north and south of Witney with the new facilities, like the park and ride.

We'll locate the subway:

  • where there is enough space to align the structure 
  • in such a way that users can see through it and feel safe using it

Proposals to close Horsemere Lane to motor vehicles

Horsemere Lane is a bridleway, but it has been used by motor vehicles for many years. Like speed limits, closing the road to motor vehicles will require a formal TRO consultation. Proposals will show the lane being closed to motor vehicles.

The proposed improvements to Cassington traffic lights will provide a modest flare to accommodate changes in demand.

Where are we now?

In light of global inflationary pressures, the A40 improvements programme was extensively reviewed between November 2022 and June 2023. On July 17 2023, the county cabinet approved a new plan to build the programme in phases. 

The initial phase includes dedicated bus lanes between Eynsham park and ride and Oxford, as well as the addition of controlled crossings and upgraded shared-use paths to make walking and cycling safer along the historically congested A40 between Witney and Oxford. Later phases of work will be planned and delivered as funding becomes available.  

 Specifically, the initial phase provides:

  •  Full bus priority eastbound along the A40 between the new Eynsham park and ride and Oxford North
  • Maximised bus priority westbound along the A40 between Oxford North and the new park and ride.
  • A high-quality active travel route along the A40 between Eynsham park and ride and North Oxford.
  • A junction onto the A40 from the park and ride

Later phases of work including the A40 dual carriageway extension will be planned and delivered as funding becomes available.