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A40 Access to Witney

This scheme proposes adding westbound slip roads at the A40/B4022 Shores Green junction to improve access to Witney.

About the project 

The proposed junction upgrade forms part of the wider Witney Area Strategy, started in 2014, to improve access between the town and the A40. This final improvement at the Shores Green junction on the A40 will add west-facing slip roads. 

This will enable traffic from northeast Witney to travel west on the A40 toward Burford without travelling through the town centre and Bridge Street, or the A40 / Ducklington Lane junction in Witney. 

Your questions answered

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Take a look at a flyover of the scheme

Why we are investing here

The proposals to address traffic and transport issues on the section of the A40 between Witney and Oxford will result in:

  • better transport connections and access
  • new jobs and housing
  • reduced emissions of harmful pollutants
  • more sustainable travel options. 

The improvements at the Shores Green junction will give residents more choices, particularly those from east and northeast Witney wanting to travel westbound on the A40 or to access services and employment in West Witney. The improvements will help alleviate existing congestion and air quality problems in Witney town centre, particularly at A4095 Bridge Street. In addition, they will support the delivery of major new housing development sites planned in east and north Witney as part of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan.

The scheme will also improve connectivity for cyclists and pedestrians throughout the area, including South Leigh.

Timetable of activity
Activity Target date
Public engagement May 2021 - complete
Preferred option presented to Cabinet July 2021 - complete
Planning application submission Early 2022 - complete
Detailed design commences Mid 2023
Compulsory purchases and side roads orders made Mid 2023
Planning approval Mid 2023
Construction begins on site Mid/late 2024
Construction works completed Late 2025

How it is going to be funded

The A40 Access to Witney improvement scheme is funded by a combination of Housing and Growth Deal (HGD) funds and Section 106 developer contributions.

The total cost of the scheme is estimated to be £25 million.

CPO and SRO for the Access to Witney scheme

On 12 July 2023, the CPO and SRO for the Access to Witney scheme were formally published.