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A guide to your Oxfordshire bus pass

General guidance about the use of bus passes for concessionary travel in Oxfordshire.


Oxfordshire County Council will not refund bus pass fares incurred while applications for new or replacement passes are being processed.

What your bus pass looks like

The pass is a standard national design. It contains a microchip, which stores information electronically. It will look like a credit card and includes your name and photograph.

How long your bus pass application will take to process

Once we receive all photos and proofs, it will take up to 15 working days to process. 

If any proofs, photos or details are unacceptable or missing from your application, we will return it to you. You will have to correct any errors and resubmit the form.

There may be a delay if we request additional information. It is your responsibility to provide any further information that may be required to complete your application.

When you can use your bus pass

You can use the pass any day, but there are restrictions on the times of travel that the DfT have set. Within Oxfordshire you can use your pass during the following times:

  • Monday to Friday 9am - 12am (midnight)
  • Saturday - anytime 
  • Sunday - anytime 
  • Bank Holidays - anytime

For any routes/areas outside Oxfordshire please check with the local bus operator.

Where you can travel using your bus pass

You can travel anywhere in England on local buses during off-peak hours. Companion bus pass holders may not be entitled to free travel outside Oxfordshire.

Where you can't use your bus pass

The pass is not for use on:

  • scheduled coach services
  • ferries
  • trains or trams
  • community transport schemes.

There are a few exceptions where there might be additional travel services.

Additional travel services

If you visit an area that offers additional services, you may be entitled to use them. It could be services like:

  • free travel on trains or trams
  • travel outside the standard operating hours. 

Travel will depend on the policy of the local transport authority, contact them for detailed information.

Travel in London

Within London, your Oxfordshire bus pass can only be used on buses. Your pass will not be accepted on trams, Docklands Light Railway, London Underground or National Rail.

You can use your Oxfordshire bus pass to travel free on buses displaying the red roundel (the red emblem).

You should show your pass to the driver; at the moment they can't be read by the yellow card readers. If the bus you're on doesn't display the red roundel, check with the driver if you can use it.

Where you can get bus timetables

You can get live travel times on OxonTime.

Park and ride buses

You can use your bus pass to travel on the Oxfordshire Park and Ride services. You will have to pay for parking at all of the park and ride car parks. More information is on our Park and Ride pages.

What to do if your pass has been cancelled

A pass may be cancelled for different reasons. It might an old or expired pass, it’s been reported lost or stolen, or you are no longer entitled to concessionary travel.

If your pass has been cancelled, you will need to contact the number shown on the back of your pass. 

If your pass was issued by Oxfordshire County Council you can contact us.

Alternatively, visit one of the libraries that can help with your bus pass.

What to do if your pass is faulty

If the smart card ticket machine does not accept your pass, visit one of our libraries that can help with your bus pass. We will check your pass for any damage.

If the pass is not visibly damaged we will replace it for free but if there are signs of damage there is a charge of £10 which can be paid at the library.

Once the request for a replacement has been received, a new pass will be sent to you within five working days.

Libraries that can help with your bus pass

The libraries listed below can help with your bus pass. They can validate documents required for your application or advise you on how to make an application.

You will need to take proof of identity and proof of address (no more than twelve months old).

What to do if your bus pass is about to expire

What you need to do, and what you need to provide will depend on the category you applied under.

Older person's bus passes and some disability bus passes will automatically renew.

Bus passes issued under the following criteria will need to provide up-to-date proof of eligibility:

  • Blue Badge
  • Disability living allowance
  • Personal independence payment
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Unfit to drive

Find out how to renew a bus pass.

What to do if you move into, or out of Oxfordshire

If you have moved out of Oxfordshire, you will need to re-apply with your new local authority. You can use your Oxfordshire bus pass until you receive your new pass.

You will need to contact us so we can cancel your Oxfordshire bus pass.

If you have moved into Oxfordshire, complete a bus pass application and notify your previous local authority of the move.

What to do with your old bus pass

When you receive a new bus pass, you should destroy your old bus pass once it has expired. If you try to use your new bus pass while your current one is still active, it will not work.

Other ways to travel in Oxfordshire

Many operators also offer further travel discounts for people who are elderly, disabled or unemployed, as well as to students and children. For further details on all of these schemes (including multi-journey passes) please contact the individual operator.

For rail travel, various railcards are available: the Senior railcard, the Disabled person's railcard and the 16-25 railcard.