Apply for a disabled person's bus pass

How to apply for a free disabled person's concessionary fares bus pass if you have a disability.

How to supply your documents


You will be asked to provide your supporting documents and a passport-style photo. The quickest way of providing this information to us is to upload it when making the application. All files should be in a PDF format and no larger than 1MB each.

If you are uploading documents to the form:

  • your proof of address and proof of eligibility can be the same document (no more than twelve months old).
  • your proof of identity must clearly show your date of birth.

In a library

You can take your documents to one of the 11 libraries that provide a 'drop and send' service.

Staff can help you make an application online. To use this service you need to book a computer at the library beforehand. Either contact the library directly or book a computer online.

Participating libraries:

*If you are visiting Oxfordshire County Library, you will be able to use the self-service computers located on the second floor to make your application. These machines have an integrated webcam and scanner attached so you can take a photograph and scan any documents to support your application.

Telephone applications

You will still need to send us a recent photo, proofs of address, identity and disability. We will discuss your options with you during the application.