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Reading groups

If you've ever read a brilliant book and wanted to talk about it with someone who's read it too.

Reading groups - also known as book groups - meet regularly to discuss books. They range from a few friends getting together to more organised groups set up in libraries. They are relaxed, informal and, above all, fun.

Start a reading group

Download the reading group guide, which contains information and ideas for starting your own group:

These resources can help you run your group:

Already in a group?

If you are already in a group, you can join our free reading groups service which gives you access to more than 500 sets of books.

See what's available in the following documents:

You can have up to three sets of books on loan to your group at any one time. If there is a title that you would like to read which is not on the list, you can recommend it to us and we will consider it for inclusion next time we refresh the collection.

You can find out more information in this reading group membership factsheet (pdf format, 81Kb)

To join the service, please complete the joining  form (docx format, 48Kb) and hand in at any Oxfordshire library

Reading groups in libraries

Oxfordshire Library Service runs monthly reading groups for adults in some libraries.

For more details about individual groups, please contact the libraries direct:

Bookfeast TeaBook groups

TeaBook groups are aimed at older people and provide an opportunity to read, discuss books and make friends. The groups are typically run in day centres, retirement homes, sheltered accommodation and one group runs in a local library.

The Library Service supports these groups but they are owned and run by Bookfeast, an independent charity, with the help of volunteers. If you are interested either in running a group or joining a group.