Library services for children and young people

Events, activities and other services for children and young people in libraries.

Reduced charges

  • Children aged 0-4 do not pay late book fines.
  • Children aged 5-17 pay reduced late book fines.
  • There are no charges for requesting books or for damage to books for children and young people under 18.

Activities and events

Sharing rhymes and stories

Free fun Rhymetime sessions for babies and toddlers take place regularly in most libraries.

Combining enjoyment of books, music and rhymes, they help children to listen and concentrate; encourage them to join in with others and develop their language skills.

Find out what's available in your library.


Bookstart is a national programme which gives free books to all babies and young children at three years old.

Homework and projects

Libraries can help by providing free use of:


Computers are free to use. Just pay for printing. Find out more on the internet and computers page. You can:

  • chat to friends online
  • find things out
  • play games

Teenagers aged 16 to 17 can use adult computers.

Library information for children

Information specifically written for young people about library services is available on the Oxme website.

Family centres and pre-school groups

You are welcome to bring your group or class regularly to share and borrow books. Just bring your supervisor’s ID to the library to join.

  • You can borrow up to 20 board books, picture books or basic information books for 14 weeks.
  • There are no fines for late returns, and no charge for loss or damage to books.
  • To arrange a visit contact your local library.

Schools class visits

We offer fun and informative sessions learning about the library and using the library resources, which can be tailored to class topics. Contact your library to arrange.


Registered childminders can get a card to borrow books to use with the children in their care. You can borrow up to 20 children's books for six weeks. Books issued on this card are also exempt from fines or charges for loss or damage. Bring your OFSTED registration along to your local library to join. Also visit the Bookstart page to find out what is on offer through this national programme.

Children in care

Children in care are eligible for a card which exempts them from any charges for lost or damaged items and from late book fines. They can borrow audio books with no hire charges and also reserve items for free. To get a card bring a letter from your social worker to the library.

Registered foster carers

If you are a registered foster carer you can have a special library card, in addition to any individual card that you already have. Just bring your social worker letter with you to the library to join.

  • You can borrow up to 20 books as well as other resources.
  • There are no hire charges to borrow audio books.
  • There are no fines for late book returns.
  • There are no charges for requesting books.

Join the library

You can join the libary online or fill in a form at a library or join when you register a birth.

If you are aged under 16, we will need the name and address of a parent, guardian or carer and some proof of identification for this person.

Information and guidance for parents and children