Home composting

Information on composting your food and garden waste, and how to buy a discounted compost bin.

Making compost is one of the best ways to help protect the environment. 

We all have some food waste that we can't avoid, like banana skins, tea bags and vegetable peelings. If you have a home compost bin, much of this can be put in there, generating a free, high quality compost for your garden. Visit the Replenish Project for information on home composting.

All Oxfordshire district councils provide food waste collections, which have huge benefits for the environment and save money. All cooked and raw food can be put into your food caddy for recycling, including meat, fish and dairy products that can’t be safely composted at home.

Buy a discounted compost bin

You can buy a home compost bin through our partners Getcomposting for £18.50 (plus delivery charge). Buy two 220 litre or 330 litre compost bins and you'll get the second half price.

How to order

To save money you could build your own compost bin from wood offcuts or other surplus materials. Oxford Wood Recycling in Abingdon, have a good range of used wood suitable for home projects. You could also check Freegle or Gumtree to see if anyone is selling or giving away an unwanted compost bin.

Composting volunteers

The Replenish Project trains volunteer composting advisors to help people to start composting at home and support those who already do so. Composting advisors attend events and work with local groups such as schools and gardening clubs as well as friends and neighbours - wherever they feel they can help.

Please contact the Replenish Project if you’d like to join the project or would like a Composting Advisor to attend your event.

Due to COVID-19 face-to-face events can't be attended but Replenish will help provide support where they can.

Part of Oxfordshire Recycles

This information is from Oxfordshire Recycles, a partnership of Oxfordshire’s county and district councils working together to reduce waste.