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Minerals and Waste Local Plan consultations

Consultations on the Minerals and Waste Local Plan that we are currently undertaking.

We are currently undertaking a Call for Sites until 12 April 2023.

The table below sets out a summary of our proposed future plan preparation timetable

Stage Timescale
Call for Sites March – April 2023
Initial Consultation (Reg 18) June – August 2023
Draft Plan Consultation (Reg 18) February – March 2024
Submission Plan Consultation (Reg 19) September – October 2024
Submission (Reg 22) March 2025
Adoption March 2026

Keeping you informed

We hold a register of people and organisations with an interest in the Minerals and Waste Local Plan. This is only used to keep people informed about progress in preparing Minerals and Waste Local Plan documents, publication and consultation. Contact us to be included on the register. 

If you wish to be removed from the register at any point, please contact the team. 

If you wish to view Minerals and Waste Planning Applications, please visit Planning Register.

If you wish to view other consultations currently being undertaken by Oxfordshire County Council, please visit Let's Talk Oxfordshire