Your county councillor

How to find and contact your county councillor or find your division.

Find your councillor

Which parties hold seats in the council

There are 63 county councillors representing 61 divisions.

Contact your councillor

How to contact and get information and advice from your county councillor as well as the leader, the deputy leader and the chairman of the council.

Key councillor contacts

Why should I contact my councillor?

Your county councillor can help if you have a query or concern about the council's services by offering advice or directing you to someone who can help. Some councillors also hold regular surgeries in their communities - set times when you can go along and raise any issues of concern.

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Your councillor has been elected by your community to represent your interests and make decisions about your area Councillors get involved in the community in many ways and may be able to help you if you need advice or support.

Your councillor deals with issues that affect you directly. They can provide advice, suggest solutions, and represent you at meetings.

Your councillor can help explain council services and put you in touch with the right people. If they can’t help, they’ll always know someone who can.

Your councillor may get involved in campaigning for changes in the community. If you want to start a campaign, your councillor can help put you in contact with like-minded people.

It’s easy to get in touch. Councillors are available by phone and email, and most hold local drop-in surgeries where you can air your views in person.

Whatever kind of support you need, your councillor is there to represent you. Democracy doesn't stop at the ballot box, so to find out who your councillor is and what they can do for you, just contact your council.

It's your voice. Use it.