Oxfordshire’s Cabinet

All key decisions at Oxfordshire County Council are made by members of the Cabinet.

Contacting the Cabinet

If you would like to contact all members of the council’s Cabinet email the Leader’s Office.

Councillor Liz Leffman

Leader of the Council

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  • strategy
  • corporate and community leadership
  • regional and strategic infrastructure and planning
  • liaison with other Oxfordshire councils and system partners
  • asylum and immigration
  • Visitor Economy
  • LEP Integration
  • strategic communications;
  • major external partnerships;
  • Delivering the Future Together (DTFT)
  • town and parish council

Councillor Pete Sudbury

Deputy Leader of the Council with Responsibility for Climate Change, Environment & Future Generations

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  • climate change mitigation
  • climate adaptation and resilience
  • lead flood authority including Oxford flood alleviation
  • planetary boundaries and circular economy
  • ecology, nature recovery and enhancement
  • future generations
  • minerals strategy, waste disposal and recycling centres
  • Countryside operations and volunteers
  • ecology/archaeology/heritage
  • water strategy including Thames Water (TW) reservoir
  • energy strategy
  • tree strategy
  • Highways verge and vegetation management strategy

Councillor John Howson

Cabinet Member for Children, Education and Young People's Services

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  • Children’s Social Care
  • Education 
  • 0 - 5 offer
  • Youth Offer 

Councillor Kate Gregory

Cabinet Member for SEND Improvement

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  • SEND improvement plan

Councillor Neil Fawcett

Cabinet Member for Community & Corporate Services

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  • Governance and legal
  • HR and industrial relations
  • Broadband / ICT
  • Customer services
  • Communications
  • Cultural services
  • Registration service
  • Library service

Councillor Dr Nathan Ley

Cabinet Member for Public Health, Inequalities and Community Safety

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  • Public health
  • COVID renewal
  • Voluntary sector
  • Inequalities
  • Fire and rescue service
  • Emergency planning
  • Community safety
  • Trading standards

Councillor Andrew Gant

Cabinet Member for Transport Management

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  • Highways Delivery Operations – structures and maintenance
  • Network management
  • Public Rights of way
  • Supported Transport
  • Fix My Street
  • Walking and Cycling – Maintenance
  • Local cycling and walking infrastructure plans / low-traffic neighbourhoods
  • Street lighting
  • Travel Hubs
  • Public transport – Bus Strategy/Universal Payment/Maps
  • Cycle Parking
  • School Streets
  • 20 Is Plenty - implementation
  • Enforcement
  • Car parking Strategy

Councillor Judy Roberts

Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Development Strategy

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  • Strategic economic, social and environmental development
  • Integration of LEP functions
  • Infrastructure strategy (OXIS)
  • Rail – Cowley / Grove / Worcester Line / Witney
  • Connecting Oxford
  • Travel hubs
  • Waterways
  • HGV weight routes

Councillor Dan Levy 

Cabinet Member for Finance

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  • Finance
  • Property/Investments
  • Procurement
  • Gypsies and travellers

Councillor Tim Bearder

Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care

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  • Adult Social Care
  • Carers services
  • Support to:
    • People with learning disabilities
    • Physical disability services
    • People living with the impact of a brain injury
    • People living with a long-term condition
    • Older people services
    • Safeguarding adult services
    • Homelessness
    • Hospital discharge
  • Mental health
  • Health Partnerships