District councils

This page describes the work of the five district councils in Oxfordshire.

District councillors also represent geographical areas called a ward and these areas are smaller than the county council divisions. You can view ward boundaries on a map using the Oxfordshire Administrative Areas Map.

Which district do you you live in?

District council elections

District councils can have their elections in one of three ways:

  • By thirds - one third of the council's seats being elected three years in every four
  • By halves - one half of the council's seat being elected every two years
  • Whole council elections - all seats contested once every four years

District council services

The main services provided by the five Oxfordshire district councils include:

  • environmental health
  • housing
  • leisure and recreation
  • planning applications
  • waste collection

District council leadership


Chief Executive, Yvonne Rees

Tel: 0300 003 0100


Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive, Rebecca Dyson

Tel: 01295 221722


Oxford City

Chief Executive, Caroline Green 


Senior PA to Leader & CE, Emma Mace

Tel: 01865 252354


South and Vale

Chief Executive, Mark Stone

Tel: 01235 422100


Personal Assistant, Isna Aziz

Tel:01235 422099


West Oxon

Chief Executive, Giles Hughes 


Executive Assistant, Mandy Smith

Tel: 01993 861613