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New or replacement bins, food bins and rubbish collections


We cannot help you with new and replacement bins or waste collection. Please contact your district council.

Your district council is responsible for:

  • bins and replacement bins
  • rubbish collections
  • recycling, food and garden waste collections. 

Get help finding who to contact on our household rubbish, recycling and food collection page.

District councils

Update or cancel your van or trailer permit

You can change your address, vehicle or name. However, if you are changing your vehicle, ensure it complies with our rules and that you even need a permit.

You can cancel your permit using the update form below.

Update your van or trailer permit

Why we charge for non-household waste

Not all waste from your home is classified as household waste. Non-household waste tends to be items or materials that make up the fabric of a building. Examples are walls, patio, bathroom furniture or kitchen units.

We apply a small charge to allow us to continue accepting these types of non-household waste. The charges cover the cost of disposal; we do not make a profit.

Find out more on our charges for non-household waste (DIY) page.

If you think you have been overcharged, complete our non-household waste charging form.

Check your permit

Use the permit check app to see:

  • how many visits you have remaining
  • when your permit renews.

We can also email your permit details to you at the email address on your permit.

Check your permit

Recycle, repair, reuse or dispose of your waste

Use our waste wizard search to find out where you can recycle, repair, reuse or dispose of an item. The wizard is the quickest way to find:

  • other ways you can repair, reuse or recycle household items
  • whether your district council can collect your item and which bin to put it in
  • the types of waste we accept at a household waste recycling centre.

Taking a hire vehicle to a waste recycling centre

Vehicles or trailers hired for less than three days

Please note – all the restrictions above on vehicle sizes, weight, trailer length and operating of mechanical functions’ still apply to hire vehicles. Please check these before attempting to visit in a hire vehicle.

If you hire a commercial-type vehicle or trailer for three days or less that meets all restrictions, you do not need to apply for a permit.

To take a hire vehicle onto an HWRC, you will need:

  • the hire papers
  • proof of your residence in Oxfordshire.

If you hire a commercial-type vehicle or trailer for more than three days, you cannot visit an HWRC. However, in circumstances where you can prove the origin of the waste household waste, you can contact us to arrange temporary access.

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Applying for a non-standard permit

Use this form to contact us with your details, and we will set up your permit for you.


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