Application form for filming in Oxfordshire

Apply to film on or next to the road in Oxfordshire.

Service changes due to coronavirus

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and essential social distancing requirements, Oxfordshire County Council is currently only considering filming applications with a minimal number of cast and crew, preferably with no more than five people working on the public footway.

Footway or highway closures in built up/residential areas for filming are currently not being considered. Each filming request will be considered on a case by case basis.

If approved, the cast and crew must work in a way which does not obstruct the public footway at any time and allows pedestrians two metres social distancing space to safely walk past the cast, crew and any equipment whilst filming is taking place.

Please ensure your proposed filming requests comply with all UK Government COVID-19 legislation, guidance and regulations in force at the time of the shoot and your filming activity does not increase the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the public domain.

Filming on or next to the highway requires our agreement. Read our Filming guidance document (pdf format, 48 Kb) to help with your application.

Before you apply

Risk assessment

All applications must be accompanied by a risk assessment form - see our example (docx format, 56Kb) and include a copy of your companies public liability insurance for no less than £10 million

Traffic management

Applications which require traffic management must submit a traffic management plan for approval and employ a streetworks accredited contractor to perform traffic management duties. We require all contractors who carry out work on the public highway to hold a Public Liability Policy to indemnify us for not less than £10,000,000 in respect of any one accident or claim and all traffic management must comply with the current Traffic Signs Manual, Traffic Signs General Directions 2016 and the Safety at Street Works Code of Practice.


Filming charges - daily fees. Charge calculated dependant on size of crew working on the public highway and complexity of filming requirements

Crew Size Filming charges per day

  • 1 – 10 Crew £75 (capped at a maximum fee of £300)
  • 11 – 29 Crew £300 (capped at a maximum fee of £1,200)
  • 30 – 40 Crew £500 (capped at a maximum fee of £2,000)
  • 41+ Crew £2,000 (capped maximum fee by negotiation)
  • Location Meeting £50 per hour (after initial first meeting)

VAT is not applicable to these charges.

If you are considering a road closure for filming purposes, the team will require at least eight weeks’ notice to process the Special Event Order needed for this legal process. Please supply details on the filming application form or contact the team for further information.


If your production includes animals, an performing animals licence may be required. Contact the relevant district council for this information 


If your cast includes children then a child performance licence may be required.

After you apply

If possible please give two weeks notice for any small scale filming requests and at least 8 - 12 weeks notice for complex medium/large scale filming projects. If needed the team will contact you shortly after your application has been received to discuss your requirements.