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Application form for filming on the public highway in Oxfordshire

Apply to film on the public foot way and/or the public highway in Oxfordshire.

Filming on or next to the highway requires our agreement. Read our Filming guidance document (pdf format, 48 Kb) to help with your application.

Before you apply

Risk assessment

A risk assessment form must accompany all applications - see our example (docx format, 56Kb) and include a copy of your companies public liability insurance for no less than £10 million

Traffic management

Filming applications requiring temporary traffic management (such as Stop/Go boards etc.) must also include a traffic management signage plan & TM risk assessment/method statement (RAMS) for consideration. Traffic management duties must be undertaken by a qualified accredited traffic management company, holding at least £10 Million Public Liability Insurance, and adhering to the current ‘Traffic Signs Manual Chapter Eight’, the ‘Safety at Street Works Code of Practice’ and ‘The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016’. Road closure requests for filming require a minimum of 12 weeks notice.


Filming charges - daily fees. Charge calculated depending on the size of the crew working on the public highway and the complexity of filming requirements.

Crew size filming charges per day

  • 1 – 10 Crew £100 (capped at a maximum fee of £350)
  • 11 – 29 Crew £350 (capped at a maximum fee of £1,400)
  • 30 – 40 Crew £600 (capped at a maximum fee of £2,230)
  • 41+ Crew £2,230 (capped maximum fee by negotiation)
  • Traffic management plans - £71.50 per TM plan for approval of traffic management and signing plans
  • Traffic Management Permit - £180

VAT is applicable to these charges. 

Filming applications which include Broad Street, Catte Street, Holywell Street, Merton Street, New College Lane, Oriel Square, Queens Lane and Turl Street, Oxford and Britwell Hill Road, Nr. Watlington are subject to the maximum filming fees (on the sliding scale). For crews of 41+ please email filming@oxfordshire.gov.uk to discuss charges.

Please note: You will be liable for the full cost of the licence if the filming request is cancelled after the filming approval licence has been granted. This also applies to any filming which didn't take place after the licence was issued.

Temporary road closure requests for filming require at least 12 weeks notice to consider and process the SEO (Special Event Order) needed for this legal process.

Please supply details on the filming application form or email filming@oxfordshire.gov.uk for a SEO application form.

Parking requests for filming productions

For all on-street parking enquiries in Oxford City and the District Council areas, please email Oxfordshire County Council's Parking Enforcement Team parking@oxfordshire.gov.uk Should you require bay suspensions (please note these are for Technical Vehicles to park only) please complete the online application form on our Requesting a suspension of parking controls page.

Zero Emission Zones and Bus gates: Oxford City

Notice period

Oxfordshire County Council requires at least

  • three months notice for major/large productions (usually over 41+ crew, with potential road closure/temporary traffic management/equipment on the highway requests)
  • two months notice for medium-size productions (usually up to 40 crew with potential temporary traffic management and/or equipment on the highway requests)
  • at least 15 working days notice for small productions (usually up to 10 crew, with no temporary traffic management and/or equipment on the highway requests). Filming requests for small productions in Broad Street, Catte Street, Holywell Street, Merton Street, New College Lane, Oriel Square, Queens Lane and Turl Street, Oxford require at least 30 working days’ notice
  • OCC may ask you to undertake a filming consultation with all frontages such as colleges, businesses, residents, etc. affected by your proposed filming activities before a filming licence is considered. Details and proof of contact with all affected frontages (by letter-drop, email, in person etc.) must be confirmed, with no objections raised. This consultation must be undertaken at least 10 working days before the filming date for small productions, and earlier for medium/large/major productions.
  • Regarding filming requests for commercial photoshoots, advertisements, product promotions etc. OCC will require you to undertake a consultation with all frontages (such as colleges, businesses, residents, etc.) who may feature in the completed advertisement/photoshoot. If no objections are raised by the frontages (which must be confirmed to OCC in writing/email) a filming licence will then be considered. Depending on crew size, a minimum notice period of 30 working days before the proposed filming date is required for commercial photoshoots, advertisements etc. to allow adequate time for frontages to be contacted/letter-dropped and for a response to be received back

If you are unable to meet the required notice period please email filming@oxfordshire.gov.uk to discuss what may be possible.

Apply to film in Oxfordshire