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For existing shared lives carers

Where to find training, events, key documents, help and advice.

The Shared Lives team

The Shared Lives team are committed to providing you with ongoing support throughout your time as a  carer. We will support you and the people you are caring for with the following:

  • regular support from a Shared Lives social worker through visits and phone calls to check everything is going okay
  • ongoing training
  • Membership for Shared Lives Plus network, a UK charity representing the interests of all those involved in Shared Lives
  • Oxfordshire public liability insurance

Carers with long-term arrangements can be paid for up to 42 nights per year for short breaks from the caring role or when you are not available to provide support.

You can talk to other Shared Lives carers at the carer and user meetings – these are held at least three times a year at various locations around the county.


Shared Lives carers must attend at least one carer meeting yearly or a refresher training session to keep knowledge and skills current.

Formal training

The formal training courses that need to be attended once every three years are:

  • first aid at work
  • medication awareness
  • adult safeguarding

You can join the Shared Lives group sessions or attend a comparable course with the agreement of your Shared Lives link social worker. First aid courses are also provided by St John's. You can book courses via the scheme at a venue or day to suit you if you can't join the Shared Lives group sessions.

You can complete the adult safeguarding refresher online after a face-to-face training session. Ask your Shared Lives Social Worker for course guidance.

Send a copy of your course certificate to your Shared Lives Social Worker so that your training records can be updated.

How to book

Contact Shared Lives to book a course.

Moving and assisting, and personal care training

We will be offering training on moving and assisting, and personal care as required. Speak to your Shared Lives social worker if you would like to participate in a training session on either of these topics.

Online training

Several online courses are available to Shared Lives carers on the Grey Matter Group website, providing you with a certificate for your continuing professional development. Contact us to access the training section of this website.

Other information and resources

Shared Lives handbook

Your Shared Lives Carers Handbook contains all the policies and procedures we regularly refer to during Shared Lives work. If you need another copy of the handbook, contact us.


Fire safety in the home 

A safe and well visit is offered free by the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service with tips and advice on making yourself and your home safer. 

The safe and well check involves a full home fire risk check. The fire service installs free smoke alarms if needed and also does other related home safety checks. If you have a person placed with you and would like someone to visit your home, request a visit online.

Internet safety 

Carers may worry about the people in their care using the Internet. There are many useful websites where you can find e-safety tips, advice and resources to help people stay safe on the Internet. For example:

Dealing with tax

Dealing with tax can be daunting for first-time carers. So HM Revenue and Customs have developed free eLearning to help people understand tax affairs.

Expense claims

Submit an expenses claim