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Supported living

For people with a learning disability and/or autism wanting to live in their own home with help.

Supported Living can help people live safe, healthy lives and play an active part in their community. It might be the right option for you if you would like to move into your own home and if you have care and support needs.

Some houses may be shared by 3 or 4 people who get on well together, or you may have your own flat. Houses and flats will always be suitable for the people who live there, with special adaptations if needed.

Most people can claim Housing Benefit to pay their rent. You will need to complete a financial assessment to work out if you need to contribute any money towards the cost of support.

To find out if you’re eligible you would need to have an assessment under the Care Act 2014.

Support you may need 

Nobody is left to manage all by themselves: support and care are provided by staff who would come to your home. You and your social worker will work together to agree on what support you need so that you can do the things you enjoy, and stay safe and well.

You can have help with:

  • managing your money and benefits
  • running your home and keeping it clean and tidy
  • getting washed and dressed
  • cooking and shopping
  • going out to education, volunteering or work
  • doing activities and socialising with friends
  • going to visit your family

Finding out more

If you would like to live more independently, you can:

  • discuss it with your social worker if you have one 
  • call 0345 050 7666 and explain you want to talk to someone about Supported Living

You can talk about where you would like to live and what kind of help you might need. You will get an idea about what might be possible. Members of your family can also be involved in this discussion.

Reviewing your move

When you have moved in, your social worker will visit you to hear about how things are going. It is important to talk about anything you are happy or unhappy with. 

Most people make visits to their potential new home and meet the other people living there. We try to make sure you’ll like the people you are living with before you move in. If once you have moved in, it is not right for you, then you can talk to your social worker about it. 

What people say about it

"I like it. We do things. Couldn’t get a better staff."

- from a person living in Supported Living

"Supported Living is an excellent idea. It gives people their independence, they get a life like other people live."

- from a family member

More details

Where and how long

There are properties all over Oxfordshire. If you want to live in a particular area, such as where your friends and family are, you may need to wait longer because some areas don’t have many properties. Most properties are in or close to towns. 

It can take several months before you move into your new home. It depends on what sort of property and support you need, where you would like to live and how quickly you need to move by. 

Finding support

Most properties already have a support provider who provide all the support and care for the people living there. How much, and what kind of support will depend on what you and your social worker have agreed in your support plan. 

Some people choose to have a direct payment which means they organise their own support 


Some people do have small pets. It depends on where you are living and who you are sharing with. You can talk to your social worker if you think you might like a pet.

Other housing options

If supported living isn't right there are other housing options:

  • Shared Lives
  • Housing through your local District or City Council 
  • Your family purchase a property for you
  • Shared Ownership scheme