Admission to a junior school

Applying to junior school for the first time.

Before you start

Visit the school

Before you complete an application, we recommend that you visit the school you want your child to attend. You can do this by contacting the school directly to arrange an appointment.

Catchment areas

Many, but not all, primary and infant schools have catchment (or designated) areas. Where there is one, we advise you to enter your catchment school as one of your preferences. Details of catchment areas can be found for all schools (where they use them) on our list of schools page.

Applying for your catchment school does not guarantee that your child will be offered a place, or that they are eligible for free home to school transport.

How places were allocated

If there are more applications than places, priority is given to children in accordance with the school's published admission rules. Information on how places were allocated in a particular school is available on the individual school pages.

School transport

You should consider how your child will get to school if you apply for a place at a school that is further away than your nearest available school. To find out where your nearest school is, please contact the Schools Admissions Team.

Junior school children are eligible for free home to school transport where they attend their nearest available school if that school is over two miles (for those age 7) from their home address or three miles (for those age 8 and above). However, transport can also be provided where the distance to the nearest available school is less than the above distances and the route is currently listed as dangerous by the council.

Please see the Travelling to school page for further details and the full transport policy.

Where a new school is built, this can affect a child’s eligibility for school transport.

Parents' guide

Further information about the junior school application process and general information about Oxfordshire junior schools can be found in our Stepping Up guide (3MB).