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Moving to Oxfordshire: a guide to school applications

What you need to know if you are moving to Oxfordshire with school-aged children.

How to apply for a school place

There are two forms that are used to apply for a school place.

  1. Application (or late application) form
  2. In-year transfer form

If your child is starting primary, junior or secondary school for the first time, use the application or late application form.

If they have started at primary, junior or secondary school, use the in-year transfer form.

This guide will help you choose the correct way to apply. Use our smart guide about moving to Oxfordshire for more help.

When to use the application (late application) form

When to use the in-year transfer form

Moving during the academic year

The academic year runs from September to the following August.

If you are moving during the academic year and your child needs to start school, use the in-year transfer form (opens a new window).

We accept in-year school transfer applications a maximum of one term in advance of the requested start date, based on six terms per academic year.