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Changing or moving school

Apply to change school during the academic year (in-year transfers).

In-year fair access protocol

The 2014 School Admissions Code requires all state-funded mainstream schools to take part in their local authority's Fair Access Protocol (pdf format, 306Kb). The protocol ensures that we offer unplaced children, especially the most vulnerable places:

  • promptly 
  • at a suitable school.

We only use the protocol for the in-year admission of children who are difficult to place, particularly those with challenging behaviour.

The protocol defines challenging behaviour as:

  • serious criminal behaviour resulting in a conviction or a police caution
  • behaviour resulting in a permanent exclusion
  • behaviour resulting in a significant number of fixed-term exclusions from which it is clear that the child is at serious risk of permanent exclusion.

We give admission priority to children we need to place through the Fair Access Protocol over others:

  • on a continued interest list 
  • awaiting an appeal.