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Woodstock Road corridor improvements

Improvements to walking, cycling and public transport along the Woodstock Road corridor (A4144) in Oxford, from the Wolvercote Roundabout to St. Giles to enable more sustainable travel choices and to help support planned new housing in Oxford..

What is being proposed?

Funding has been secured to deliver a package of highway improvement works along Woodstock Road, from the Wolvercote roundabout to St Giles.

There are two proposed phases to the project. 

Phase 1 – Experimental bus lane

Removal of the southbound bus lane between Wolvercote (A40) and Squitchey Lane replacing it with a northbound bus lane on the other side of similar length. This follows consultation with key stakeholders including bus operators, and is informed by traffic modelling of the planned traffic filters trial in Oxford. The measure would be implemented as a trial through an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO). 

Phase 2 – Active travel measures

Phase two is focused on the southern end of the Woodstock Road and covers a series of active travel (cycling, walking and wheeling) priority measures including: 

  • New and improved side road crossings, widening pavement space, providing ‘at level’ shorter crossing distances for people walking and increasing the gradient of ramps for vehicles entering the side roads. Measures are proposed at the following side roads: Bevington Road, St Margaret's Road (East), St Margaret's Road (West) , South Parade, Little Clarendon Street, Observatory Street, St Bernard's Road, Plantation Road, Leckford Road, Canterbury Road, Farndon Road
  • Extending the off-road cycle path on the western side of Woodstock Road between the junctions of Frenchay Road and St Margaret's Road 
  • A new zebra crossing on Woodstock Road just south of Bevington road
  • Various road marking amendments, including some measures proposed in the county council’s 2021 ‘Quickways’ consultation for Woodstock Road 
  • Introduce a new full time bus stop clearway on the east side of the Woodstock Road just north of the junction with St Giles
  • Locally relocate a marked parking bay (limited stay parking) outside Belsyre Court on the Woodstock Road in order to accommodate an informal pedestrian crossing.

Why we are investing here

We are committed to creating a low-traffic environment while also addressing the transport challenges that come with population and employment growth in Oxfordshire.

As a major road in Oxford, Woodstock Road has been identified as a route that would benefit significantly from these improvements. By investing now and giving people options other than travelling by car, we can minimise the impact of motorised traffic as the city grows. The proposed changes along Woodstock Road are informed by the county councils Local Transport and Connectivity Plan and hope to deliver:

  • Increase walking/ wheeling trips
  • Increase cycle trips
  • Improve walking and cycle safety
  • To improve public transport journey times
  • Enhance placemaking
  • Help new residents and employees travel in and out of the city more sustainably

The project also supports the county’s wider Transport Strategy including the North Oxford corridors improvement project and the A40 improvement project

How much will it cost?

The total budget for this project is £3.2m, secured from government funding (Housing and Growth Deal).

If you have any specific questions please contact woodstockroad@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Next steps

Public consultation on proposals was undertaken in May and June 2024 , details available.

Council officers are currently reviewing feedback received prior to a decisions meeting planned for 18 July 2024. 

Should proposals be approved at the decisions meeting, it is anticipated that works could commence in August 2024.  Delivery of measures would be phased in order to minimise traffic disruption.  It is currently planned that all works would be completed by end of March 2025 

Frequently asked questions

A list of questions can be found on our LetsTalk website