Apply for a disabled person's bus pass

How to apply for a free disabled person's concessionary fares bus pass if you have a disability.

Before you start your application for a disabled person's bus pass

Getting your medical summary

Do not visit your doctor’s surgery to get your medical summary. If you have access to your patient records via one of the online services, for example, Patient Access or Evergreen Life, you can get your medical summary there. These services are free. Or, phone your surgery and ask them to send a copy of your medical summary to you. Your surgery may charge for this service.

You can apply online for a bus pass. The following pages will guide you through the process to help make your application as simple as possible.

Before you apply for a bus pass, you must:

Check if you are eligible for a disabled person's bus pass

A disabled person's bus pass gives free off-peak travel between 9 am to midnight every day within Oxfordshire on local buses.

Disabled person's bus passes are only available to those who either have a permanent disability or a disability that is expected to last at least 12 months.

There is no age restriction but you will need to provide evidence that you qualify. Check you qualify for a disabled person's free bus pass, and prepare the documents you need before starting your application.

Not eligible

You are not entitled to a pass if:

  • your main residence is outside of Oxfordshire or you have a second home in Oxfordshire which you do not occupy permanently
  • you have a visa limiting your stay in the UK, or you have no recourse to public funds.

Applying for another adult

The adult who needs the bus pass is the 'applicant'. When applying for another adult, add their details to the form, not your own. We need their proof of identity and address, evidence, and photo.

You need to have consent from the applicant.

Applying for a child

The child that needs the bus pass is the 'applicant'. When applying for a child, add their details to the form, not your own.

The evidence, proof of identity and address must be about the child. The passport photo must be of the child.

How to apply


Applications can be processed quicker if you apply online and upload your supporting documents directly to the application form. 

To apply online you will access to an email account. Need help setting up an email address?

By phone

Call us on 0345 310 1111 and we will help you make your application online. Calls are charged at local rate.

If you apply by phone you will still need to send us a recent photo, proofs of address, identity and disability. We will discuss your options with you during the application.