Blue Badge guidance

Information about the Blue Badge scheme and how it works.

How the Blue Badge scheme works

The badge is issued to the person, not the vehicle so it can be used for whichever car the disabled person is travelling in.

You should display the Blue Badge where it can be clearly read through the windscreen of your vehicle. The badge should be displayed with the photograph face down.

Where to park for free with a Blue Badge

With a blue badge you can park free of charge:

  • in disabled bays for an unlimited time
  • on single/double yellow lines (providing a loading/unloading ban is not in force) for up to three hours. Please ensure your clock is displayed
  • in time-restricted bays/permit bays for an unlimited time
  • in on-street Pay & Display bays for an unlimited time without payment
  • in residents' parking bays for as long as you like.

Please note Blue Badge holders must not park in goods loading bays, clearways, bus stops, etc.

In Oxford we also have bus lane/gate restrictions in the City Centre and disabled parking Blue Badge is not exempt from these restrictions.  Read our wepage detailing the location of these gates.   

Please note that the above applies to Oxfordshire County Council, other towns or cities may have different rules and regulations.

In addition, some district car parks have spaces for disabled parking. Find out more information on your district council website, see below.

Blue badge holders will still need to check signage in all car parks as parking charges may apply in private car parks.

You can also use your badge within any UK county and in EU countries. There are no current arrangements for you to use your badge outside the European Union, in countries such as the USA, Australia or Canada.

If you are a visitor from abroad, you can use your disabled parking badge in Oxfordshire.

How to check your eligibility

You can check your eligibility before you apply for a Blue Badge.

How long it takes to get a Blue Badge

If there are no problems with your application, and you have provided all required evidence and payment, you should get your badge 10 - 12 weeks after applying.

How much a Blue Badge costs

If your application is successful, your Blue Badge will cost £10. Please do not send payment until requested.

How to track your application

Log into your account to track the progress of your application.

How long a Blue Badge is valid for

Most badges are issued for three years. If you receive the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for Mobility or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) your badge will be issued for the period you receive this. For example, if your DLA entitlement is under three years, your badge will expire when your DLA expires.

What to do if your badge has expired

Once a Blue Badge is out of date it can not be used. We attempt to contact customers eight weeks before their badge is due to expire; however, it remains your responsibility to ensure your badge is valid.

If your badge has expired and you have received a parking fine, you must contact the Civil Enforcement Team.

Moving to Oxfordshire with a Blue Badge

You may have a Blue Badge issued by another authority. If you move to Oxfordshire, you can use the badge until six weeks before it expires. At that point, you need to apply for a Blue Badge in Oxfordshire.

How to return a badge

If the badge holder has died or the badge is no longer needed, please return it to us. Include a note explaining why it's being returned, so we can update our records. Send it to:

Blue Badge Administration

PO Box 873 Oxfordshire


How to update personal details on a Blue Badge

If your name, address or appearance changes while you have a Blue Badge, you do not need to update those details until you renew your Blue Badge. However, if you want to change any of these details before renewal, contact the Blue Badge Team. We'll issue a new badge at a charge of £10

How to appeal against a decision

If you have been refused a disabled parking Blue Badge you can request a review of this decision.