Renew your resident parking permit

Complete this form to renew your existing parking permit.

There are delays in posting permits due to coronavirus. Follow our guidance during these delays.

When to apply

You can only renew if your permit is due to expire within the next month or we have recently sent you a reminder letter.

You will need the following:

Please read the terms and conditions (below) before you apply.

Renew your resident parking permit

Changed address or vehicle?

If you have changed vehicle you will need to change the vehicle on your parking permit.

If you have moved to a property in a different parking zone you need to complete an application for a new resident's parking permit.

If you have moved out of a parking zone area you may be able to claim a refund for your parking permit.

Terms and conditions of renewing your resident parking permit

I declare that my normal place of abode is at the address I have entered on this form, and I intend to be there for at least six weeks. I wish to renew the resident’s parking permit for the vehicle specified in this application.

I will only allow my visitors’ permits to be used for parking a vehicle which belongs:

  • to me (or is on hire or lease);
  • to a member of my household at my given address;
  • or to a visitor to my household at my given address and where that visit is the primary purpose of parking the vehicle.

I understand that any abuse of the permit system (as set out in the parking order including the sale or attempted sale of the permits) may result in Oxfordshire County Council withdrawing the permits. I may also be disqualified from applying for any further visitors’ permits for up to six months or such different time period as prescribed by the order as varied from time to time.

I understand that any permit issued to me by Oxfordshire County Council is for the vehicle and address entered on this form.  

I will surrender my permit if I cease to:

  • be a resident at the specified address
  • own the specified vehicle.

Or if I receive a duplicate permit.

I will notify Oxfordshire County Council immediately if any of the above circumstances change.

I declare that all the information I have given in this application is correct and understand that a false statement may render me liable for prosecution. I understand that Oxfordshire County Council reserves the right to check council databases and third-party systems to confirm my eligibility.