Apply for a new resident's parking permit

Permits for parking in the controlled parking zone or residents' permit holder bays near your home.

What you need to provide

We will require proof:

  • of your address
  • that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle.

How to provide your documents

The quickest way of providing this information to us is to upload it when making your application. You can upload a copy of the document using a smartphone, tablet or scanner. We accept photos or scans of documents, providing the relevant information is clear.

Please note, we are unable to accept documents that are uploaded in the HEIC format, however PDF or JPEG formats are acceptable.

Proof of address

You need to provide one of the following as proof of address.

  • Utility bill or financial statement dated within the last three months.
  • Council tax document for the current tax year that is addressed to you at the property that you live in Oxford.
  • Fully signed, termed tenancy agreement. We only need the pages showing the tenant names, property address, tenancy term dates and signatures).
  • Letter from solicitors confirming your name, property address and date you will be moving into the property.
  • Official letter from organisations such as HMRC, NHS, benefits agency, local council etc., dated within the last three months.
  • Payslip dated within the last three months.

Proof of registered keeper of the vehicle

The proof that you will be asked to provide will depend on your vehicle ownership type. You need to provide one or more of the following.

Vehicle registration certificate (V5C)

The certificate must be in your name. We only need to see the front and second page. 

Vehicle tax reminder

You can provide your most recent vehicle tax reminder letter addressed to you.

Recently purchased vehicle

If you have purchased the vehicle in the last six weeks, you can use a garage sales invoice or New Keeper Supplement (V5C2).

Special zones

If you are applying for a permit in the zones listed below, your certificate or most recent vehicle tax reminder must be registered at that address. 

  • Cowley Marsh (CM)
  • Cowley Central West (CS)
  • Cowley Central East (CT)
  • Divinity Road (DV)
  • East Oxford (EO)
  • Florence Park (FP)
  • Iffley Fields (FS)
  • Hollow Way South (HS)
  • Holloway (HT)
  • New Marston and Old Marston (MA)
  • Magdalen Road North (MN)
  • Headington Quarry (QV)
  • Magdalen Road and Howard Street (RH)
  • South Oxford-Extension (SE)
  • Temple Cowley (CL)
  • Wood Farm (WF)
  • Waterways (WW)

If your vehicle is not registered to this address, complete your certificate ready to change. Email a copy of this document to before you post it to the DVLA.

For company cars

If your vehicle is a company car, you need to provide a letter on company headed paper with the following text.

"This to confirm that 'applicant’s name' is a full-time employee of 'company name' and is supplied with 'vehicle make/model/registration number' for his/her sole business and social use. The vehicle is used essentially for the operational purpose of conducting official company business from the Oxford area."

You must provide the letter with both:

  • a copy of the registration document (if the vehicle is registered in the company's name) or a copy of the vehicle lease agreement between the company and the vehicle provider
  • a recent official proof of residency.


Students claiming exemption from Council Tax based are not eligible to apply for a company car. You cannot be a full-time employee and meet the required period for studies.

Unable to upload documents

If you are unable to upload your documents to the form, you can continue and send the application. You will need to either return to the form later to upload your documents or take your reference number and documents to one of the libraries in the link below to be validated. You will need to telephone in advance to make an appointment.

If the libraries above are closed, you can send copies of your documents to:

Residential Parking Permits Team
Oxfordshire County Council
P.O. Box 905