Apply for a zero emission zone discount

Discounts are available, including for Blue Badge holders, residents and businesses in the zone.

Business in the zero emission zone vehicle discount

This discount entitles you to a 90 per cent discount when using an eligible vehicle in the zero emission zone.

You can add up to ten vehicles per business to this application.

To be eligible, each vehicle must be:

  • owned by the business or its employees and
  • kept at or operate primarily out of a business within the zero emission zone and
  • used for business purposes. 

You cannot use the business discount on a day when you are using the vehicle only for commuting.

How to apply

Complete the online discount application form if you are eligible for this discount.

What you need to provide

You will need to provide the registration numbers (number plates) of the vehicles you want to use.

Proof of business address

Your proof of business address must clearly show your business name and address. You can use one of the following documents.

  • Bank statement
  • Business rates bill
  • Council Tax document
  • Mobile phone bill
  • Service agreement
  • Solicitor letter
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Utility bill

Proof of vehicle business use

Provide a company letter showing that you use the vehicles for business purposes.

The quickest way of providing this information is to upload it when making your application. For example, you can upload a document from your computer or take a photo with your phone or tablet.

Apply for a discount

This discount will end on 31 July 2025.