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Warning A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued if you enter the ZEZ without making payment prior to your application being approved.
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Community transport vehicle discount

This discount entitles you to a 100 per cent discount for driving your vehicle in the ZEZ.

To be eligible, you must provide proof that you have:

  • a vehicle that is classed as M2 or M3 by the DVLA 
  • an s.19 or s.22 community transport permit.

Health care and social care worker vehicle discount

The provider must apply for the discount on behalf of health care and social care workers.

This discount entitles eligible health care and social care workers to a 100 per cent discount when driving in the ZEZ.

The vehicle must be used in the ZEZ for one of the following reasons to be eligible.

  • To undertake community-based regulated healthcare on behalf of a qualifying provider.
  • To provide community-based social care services.

Business vehicle discount

This discount entitles you to a 90 per cent discount when using an eligible vehicle in the zero emission zone.

You can add multiple vehicles to this application.

To be eligible, each vehicle must be:

  • owned by the business or its employees
  • operating from a business within the zero emission zone
  • used for business purposes. 

You must provide proof of:

  • business address
  • proof of business use.

We may ask you for proof of vehicle ownership.

Which discount do you have?

Discounts for students in acute financial hardship

Students are eligible for the discount only if they receive the full rate maintenance loan or maximum rate final year maintenance loan.

Learn more about this discount.