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Oxfordshire History Centre - Book a seat

We recommend that all visitors to Oxfordshire History Centre book a seat in advance.

Before you book:

  • if you are not sure whether you need to visit or that we have the documents you wish to see, please contact us with your enquiry before making a booking
  • check  our Visitor Information page for advice on how to prepare for your visit
  • apply for an Archives Card if you need one

Choosing a seat:

  • there are three different types of seat: document seat, computer seat, and microfilm seat. Please ensure you book the appropriate seat for the purpose of your visit. Contact us if you are unsure which type of seat you need
  • visitors booked in a document consultation seat can still access a computer for brief searching of online catalogues and digital resources
  • computer seats and Microfilm seats are not for consultation of documents

Changing or cancelling bookings

  • if you wish to change your booking, you will need to cancel it and make a new booking at least three hours before your visit. Please cancel and re-book using our Eventbrite booking system if you have an Eventbrite account. If you are unable to cancel your booking via Eventbrite then please contact us
  • if you wish to cancel your session and do not wish to re-book, please cancel your ticket via Eventbrite. If you do not have an account, contact us to request cancellation of your booking
  • if you are unable to attend on the day of your visit, please contact us

Book a seat