Donating unwanted items

Find out how you can reuse, donate or upcycle unwanted items

Charity shops and libraries currently closed.

Due to the current national lockdown which started on 5 November, library donations are not currently accepted. All non-essential retailers including charity shops are also closed. Please store any items, where possible, until Government guidance allows these locations to re-open

Donate small electrical items at libraries

On Monday 28 September, we relaunched our service for library users to donate small electrical items that are in good, working condition or may only need minor repair at any of these libraries:

Small electrical items such as toasters, kettles, radios etc – items you can easily carry – can be deposited into a crate provided at the library entrance. The libraries are not able to accept anything large or heavy – such as televisions, monitors, microwaves, white goods or fridges and freezers – or anything damaged and beyond repair.

Once goods have been dropped off, the items will be collected by Bicester Green or Orinoco – two local charities who help reuse and recycle waste – where they will be tested. Minor repairs will be made by volunteers and the items will then be sold on to benefit the charities.

Charity shops

Good quality items can be donated to a local charity shop. Some also offer a free collection service for larger items.

Because of COVID-19 and to ensure they can operate safely, shops may have reduced their capacity and altered the way donations are made.

Because of this, always call ahead and check with the shop you are hoping to donate to before travelling. If they are currently unable to accept items, consider storing them until they can.

You could also try an online exchange website such as Freegle or Freecycle. Your trash could be someone else’s treasure. Always make sure you follow social distancing and related guidance and that it is safe for you to move the items

Use the Waste Wizard to find local charities and other reuse and recycling options. Please try to pass on your unwanted items to a charity before visiting a Household Waste Recycling Centre. 

Repairing broken items

Items such as broken bikes, blunt garden tools and kitchen utensils, clothes in need of a patch up and household electricals can be brought back to life. This can save you money and help preserve natural resources.

Find details about Repair Cafés and what can be repaired by groups supported by the Community Action Group Project.

Part of Oxfordshire Recycles

This information is from Oxfordshire Recycles, a partnership of Oxfordshire’s county and district councils working together to reduce waste.