Donating unwanted items

Find out how you can reuse, donate or upcycle unwanted items

Good quality items can be donated to a local charity shop (find your nearest). Some also offer a free collection service for larger items.

If you have something that might not be accepted by a charity shop, try an online exchange website such as Freegle or Freecycle, or find your nearest swap shop. Your trash could be someone else’s treasure.

Furniture, electrical items and bikes can be donated for repair or upcycling to Bicester Green.

Emmaus are an international homeless charity who offer a home and meaningful work to people who have experienced homelessness. They collect unwanted furniture from anywhere in Oxfordshire for sale in their shops on the Northway estate and Cowley in Oxford.

Orinoco is a scrapstore in Oxford that accepts donations of DIY items, tools and scrap and sells at very low cost for art, play and creative projects.

Please try to pass on your unwanted items to a charity before visiting a Household Waste Recycling Centre. If you do bring something that could be reloved and used again, please let the staff on site know and they will see if it can be put aside and reused.

Part of Oxfordshire Recycles

This information is from Oxfordshire Recycles, a partnership of Oxfordshire’s county and district councils working together to reduce waste.