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DIY waste price list

These are some common ‘non-household’ waste types. Check the fees before you visit the site

Part bags will be charged as per whole. Other construction and demolition items may be liable to be charged at a similar rate as stated in the table, in line with current legislation.

Fees for any non-household waste items not specifically listed will be decided by staff on-site.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Asbestos (restrictions apply)

Your visit must be booked at least 24 hours in advance, Monday to Friday only. Asbestos is only accepted on three of our sites.

  • Dix Pit - 01865 880782
  • Ardley or Redbridge  - 01865 721464
Item Price each
Asbestos - Maximum of eight sheets in any one visit, and they must not be larger than 6 x 4 feet) Free

Read our instructions for disposing of asbestos.

Bathroom items

Bathroom items
Item Price each
Bath (metal bath is free) £2
Bath panel £2
Bathroom pedestal £2
Bathroom sink £2
Bathroom tiles £2 (per 20 litre bag)
Bathroom towel rail £2
Bathroom cabinets - fitted £2
Bidet £2
Toilet cistern £2
Toilet pan £2
Shower/screen door £2
Shower panel £2 (equivalent to an internal door 6x3 foot)
Shower tray £2


Hardcore and rubble

Fees for hardcore and rubble (per full or part filled 20 litre bag or as described).

Hardcore and rubble
Item Price each
Breeze blocks £2 for 2
Bricks and rubble £2 (per 20 litre bag)
Cement £2 (per 20 litre bag
Chimney pot £2
Concrete drain /sewer pipe £2 (1m x 1m or equivalent)
Concrete fence posts £2 per post
Granite/stone worktop £2 (1m x 1m or equivalent)
Greenhouse panel £2 per side (6ft x 4fy greenhouse)
Paving slabs/stone flooring £2 (1m x 1m or equivalent)
Roof/wall/floor tiles or slates £2 (per 20 litre bag)
Sheet glass £2 (per pane up to 1m squared - larger panes will be more)
Soil £2 (per 20 litre bag)
Stones/gravel/sand/cobbles/rocks £2 (per 20 litre bag)
Turf £2 (per roll or per 20 litre bag)
Windowpane (loose) £2

Tarmac in all grades and forms is not accepted.


Item Price each
Kitchen sink and taps £2
Kitchen tiles £2 (per 20 litre bag)
Kitchen unit £2
Kitchen worktops £2

Plasterboard (restrictions apply)

Plaster/plasterboard must be clean. We cannot accept tiles with plaster/plasterboard on them.  All bags must be emptied without the bag into the skip.

Item Price each
Coving, plasterboard, decorative plasterwork and bags of plaster £3.50 per full or partlypartly filled 20 litre bag or £10 per sheet
Coving, plasterboard, decorative plasterwork and bags of plaster £3.50 per full or part filled 20 litre bag or £10 per sheet
Plasterboard sheet £10 (equivalent size of a door, 2m x 1m)

Roofing materials

Roofing materials
Item Price each
Loft insulation £2 (per roll or 2m x 1m sheet)
Roofing felt £2 (per roll or 2m x 1m sheet)
Guttering pipes £2 up to 3m (10ft)



Item Price each
Bicycle tyre, childs go-cart, electric scooter (small wheels), pram, wheelbarrow Free
Car tyre (on or off rim) £6 each (Maximum of 4)
Motorcycle tyre £6 each (Maximum of 4)
Van tyre (small domestic use only) £6 each (Maximum of 4)


Tem Price each
Decking £2 (up to 2M x 1m)
Fence panel £2 (up to 6ft x 6ft)
Fence or other wood post £2 (up to 2m)
Fitted wood units (bathroom/kitchen) £2
Fitted bookcases £2
Fire surround £2
Floorboard/roof boards £2 (up to 2m x 1m)
Garage door £2 (up to 6ft x 6ft)
Internal or external door £2 (6ft x 3ft)
Pallets plain No charge - maximum of three
Pallets red/blue Not accepted
Shed £2 (per panel)
Skirting boards £2 (up to 2m)
Timber offcuts £2 (per 20 litre bag)
Wooden window frames £2


Item Price each
Artificial grass £2 (per roll or 2m x 1m sheet)
Boiler £2
Cladding £2 (per 20 litre bag or if wood or composite, per 3m/10ft length)
Fireplace £2
Insulation £2 (price per roll or part of, or 2m x 1m sheet)
Loft door/hatch £2
Plastic baths/sinks - not baby baths £2
Plastic/composite decking £2
Plastic guttering and piping £2
Plastic pond/liner £2
PVC doors/windows £2
Radiator £2
Roofing felt £2 (per roll 2m x 1m)
Sheet glass £2 (per 20 litre bag or 1m x 1m)
Storage heater (radiator type, not portable) £2
Wood burner £2
Metal DIY (metal radiators/garage doors etc) Free

View or download the full price list (pdf format, 104Kb).