Dealing with asbestos

How to deal with household cement-bonded asbestos in Oxfordshire.

Cement-bonded asbestos (as is found in pipes or garage roofing) can be removed by hand, though care must be taken not to breathe in any fibres. To dispose of other types of asbestos, contact an asbestos contractor for professional removal.

Where can you take them?

Sheets of cement-bonded asbestos can be taken to:

You will not be permitted to dispose of more than eight sheets in any one visit, and they must not be larger than 6 x 4 feet.

Contact us before you visit


You must telephone at least 24 hours before you arrive at a site to dispose of cement-bonded asbestos. We need to check we have space for it.

If there isn't space, the material cannot be accepted and you will be asked to visit on another day.

You will need to give the site your name, address and telephone number.

To visit Ardley or Redbridge, call 01865 721464.

To visit Dix Pit, call 01865 880782.

Asbestos bookings can be taken on weekdays Monday to Friday.

Before you visit you must follow the instructions below on how to prepare asbestos.

Instructions for disposing of asbestos

  • When removing the asbestos keep it damp.
  • Do not saw it, cut it, break it or rub it in any way.
  • Asbestos sheeting must be wrapped in accordance with HSE guidelines.
  • Double wrap it in 1000 gauge polythene (which can be purchased from any builders' merchant's) and tape it up securely.
  • Before visiting the waste recycling centre telephone (see above).
  • At the waste recycling centre report to the weighbridge office and follow the directions of the site staff.
  • You will be required to show them proof of your address such as a utility bill or driving licence.
  • You will be responsible for removing the material from your vehicle and placing it in the skip, so please ensure you are able to lift the asbestos into the container yourself. Therefore, no more than two 6x4 feet sheets should be wrapped together
  • Place it in the skip carefully, do not throw it in.

If you have a company or tradesman in to take down the material it is the responsibility of that company or tradesman to dispose of it. It cannot be left with you for disposal. To do so would be illegal. You should also establish before hiring anyone to deal with cement bonded asbestos that they have the necessary licence and paperwork from the Environment Agency.

To find a company registered to deal with asbestos please visit the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association website.

More information

If you have any further questions about the disposal of concrete bonded asbestos at household waste recycling centres please contact the Waste Management Group.

If you require health and safety advice please contact the Health and Safety Executive. We cannot arrange for the removal of asbestos or recommend any contractors.