Historic Environment Record

Search for buildings, monuments, excavations, surveys and archaeological finds in Oxfordshire.

The Oxfordshire Historic Environment Record (HER) - formerly the Sites and Monuments Record (SMR) - is primarily a digital index of all known archaeological and historical sites in the county.

We use the HER when we're asked for advice on planning applications and policies. Members of the public also use it to answer educational, research-based and general interest queries.

How to access the HER

Search online

You can now search online for monuments and buildings in the Historic Environment Record (HER) by using Heritage Gateway, which searches various national databases as well as many of the local HER ones.  This has been updated in October 2017. The data on Heritage Gateway is not updated as frequently as the HER database, and cannot be used for planning enquiries.

Getting current HER information

Visiting the HER office in person is not necessary as most of the resources are digital. Most of the hard copy materials have been transferred to the Oxfordshire History Centre because this centre has a statutory responsibility to archive material.

Held at the History Centre are photographs, historic building information, and many of the hard copy maps. It is easiest to contact the Historic Environment Record Officer (Archaeology) to find out how and where to get the information you need.

Commercial users

Commercial users of the HER should read the charging policy (pdf format, 16Kb) and contact the HER office if any questions arise. These users need to read our updated policy and user guidelines (pdf format, 238Kb), and note that you will need to sign and return the attached user declaration before getting HER data.

Data held by Oxfordshire HER

In addition to the information held on the map and paper-based record, the HER contains:

  • all data on monuments, finds and archaeological investigations
  • sources for all investigations
  • links to many aerial photos
  • HLC [make this a live link] data
  • information about nationally important sites