Historic Environment Record

Search for buildings, monuments, excavations, surveys and archaeological finds in Oxfordshire.

The Oxfordshire Historic Environment Record (HER), formerly the Sites and Monuments Record (SMR), is a continually expanding digital database containing more than 65,000 records detailing archaeological investigations, historic landscape character, and heritage assets from the prehistoric period to the present day.

We use the HER when we're asked for advice on planning applications and policies. Members of the public also use it to answer educational, research-based and general interest queries.

How to access the HER

As most of the information we hold is digital, visiting the HER in person is not usually necessary. You can view the Historic Environment Record (HER) online via Heritage Gateway or contact us with your query or to request a full HER search.

* Please note, the online version is not updated as frequently as the HER database and is not suitable for commercial enquiries or planning purposes.

Most of the hard copy materials associated with the HER have been transferred to the Oxfordshire History Centre. These include photographs, historic building information, and many of the hard copy maps. In order to ensure that relevant resources can be retrieved from the archives, it is recommended to contact the History Centre in advance of your visit.

HER search requests

HER opening times are 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday (excluding bank holidays). Before making a data request please read our Access and Charging Policy (pdf format, 93Kb)

All users will need to complete a User Declaration form (docx format, 14Kb)

HER information is usually provided in digital format, and typically comprises pdf reports and GIS shapefiles. Other formats are available on request. Please us for details. Please email your data request to archaeology@oxfordshire.gov.uk

What information is included?

  • all data on monuments, finds and archaeological investigations
  • source references for all investigations
  • Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC) data
  • information about nationally important sites

What information is not included?

  • Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities scheme(PAS)
  • Assets wholly within Oxford City District (who maintain their own HER)
  • Conservation areas (please contact the relevant district authority)
  • Locally listed buildings (please contact the relevant district authority)