Registering a birth

How and where to register your child's birth.

In line with government guidance, birth registrations have recommenced by appointment only.

Appointments are available at County Hall, Oxford and Banbury and Didcot registration offices. Please call 0345 241 2489 to make an appointment.

Births can’t be registered by telephone or video conference.

What you need to know

You can register any birth which occurred in Oxfordshire regardless of when your baby was born. There is no need to wait for a letter inviting you to register.

Appointments will take place according to social distancing guidelines however, if customers choose to wear some PPE for their own peace of mind, then we are happy for you to bring your own. 

We are currently only registering the births of babies who were born in Oxfordshire. If your baby was born elsewhere, contact the local registration service for that area.

If you are married or in a civil partnership, only one parent should attend the appointment. If you are not married or in a civil partnership, and you wish to include the father or second female parent’s details in the birth register, both parents should attend.

Please do not bring your baby to the appointment unless there is no other option. Other children and relatives should not attend the appointment.

Anyone self-isolating, living with someone else who is self-isolating, or is showing any symptoms of coronavirus should not attend.


Watch the video to see how we are carrying out registration at County Hall in Oxford.

Transcript of video

Presenter: Now we are able to open up for birth registration appointments, we wanted to shoot this short video to let you know what to expect when you arrive here in Oxfordshire County Hall that will keep you and our staff safe throughout the process.

We will be operating a strict appointment only process. If you are married or are in a civil partnership, we ask that only one of the couple attend for the birth registration. All other couples, we will need both parents to attend. On arrival at county hall, you will be let in and met by someone at our reception point.

First staff member: Can I just check that you have all the documents that you need and could you confirm that you are showing no symptoms and you are well today.

There is a one-way system in operation which is clearly marked which will lead you through from reception to your meeting room.

Second staff member: Hi welcome - please take a seat on the seats in the corner. I would like you to put your documents on the table. If you could clip open your passport or documentation it will make it easier for us to check the spelling.

Presenter: Please don't approach the desks. These are in place to make sure we can achieve more than a 2-metre distance for you and our staff.

Second staff member: After that we will be able to give you the certificates that you have already paid for and you will be able to leave the appointment by the one-way system.

Presenter: the one-way system will lead you to the exit where someone will be on hand to let you out.

Thank you for watching and congratulations on registering the birth of your baby!


Payments for certificates will be taken when your appointment is booked so consider how many you wish to receive. Certificates cost £11 each.