Registering a birth

How and where to register your child's birth.

How to book

Child born in Oxfordshire

If your baby was born in Oxfordshire, the birth can be registered in any one of the registration offices in the county. Your baby's birth must be registered within 42 days (six weeks).

Alternatively contact usStaff will arrange your appointment, tell you what you will need to take with you and help you with any queries. 

Child born at the John Radcliffe Hospital

If your baby was born at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and you have not yet been discharged, you may register the baby in hospital at the Women's Centre. You do not need an appointment for this. Opening hours are published at the Women's Centre at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Registration by declaration

(if you live outside Oxfordshire or if your child is born outside Oxfordshire)

If you live outside Oxfordshire and it is not convenient for you to register the birth in Oxfordshire, you may prefer to make a declaration of the birth at your local register office. Staff from your local registration office will be able to offer you advice on the procedure for this.

If the birth occurs outside Oxfordshire and it is inconvenient for you to go to the district where the birth took place, you may prefer to make a declaration of the birth in Oxfordshire. For more information, call the Registration Service helpline on 0345 241 2489.

The registrar will record the details in the form of a declaration and send it to the registrar in the district where the birth occurred. The registrar who receives the declaration will enter the information in the birth register.

Birth certificates can usually be ordered and paid for by cheque or postal order at the time of making the declaration and will be posted to you from the registering district (some districts are unable to accept cheques and alternative methods of payment will be suggested).


If you require information on births abroad, please visit the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) website for further information.

What to bring and what the registrar will ask for

  • The date and place of birth of the baby
  • The sex of the baby
  • The baby's full names and surname
  • The dates and place of birth of the parents
  • The parents' occupations
  • The mother’s maiden name
  • The date of the parents' marriage (if applicable)
  • Where the parents are living.

What to bring

It would be helpful if you could bring:

  • Your baby's red book or discharge notes for the hospital or mid-wife
  • ID for you and your partner for example passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate.

Please be aware that if a mistake is made in the birth entry there will be a fee to pay to have the information corrected

You do not need to bring your baby with you but if you do there are changing facilities at our office.


A full birth certificate can be purchased for a small fee.  This certificate will be required if you want to open a bank account or to obtain a passport for your baby. 

A short birth certificate can also be purchased but this does not show the details of the parents. 

If you do not have the means to pay for a birth certificate, it's possible to get a Certificate of Registration.  This shows that the birth has been registered but cannot be used for any legal purposes.

Who can register a birth

Either parent may register the birth if the parents are married. If they are not married and the father/parent's details are to be included in the birth entry, then both parents must attend together. You can find more information on the Directgov website.

Parent Line Plus has a free helpline you can call to ask about your options when registering your child's birth.

If the mother or the father/parent cannot attend, the following people can register the birth:

  • Occupier of the house or hospital where the child was born
  • Someone who was present at the birth
  • Someone who is responsible for the child

How long the appointment will take

Your appointment with the registrar will be held in private and will take about 30 minutes.

Who to notify after registration