What co-production means, our projects and how to get involved.

What co-production is

Co-production means working together as equals and making best use of our resources and strengths to find ways of doing things that benefit our community.


We have a number of co-production projects within the council.

Moving into adulthood

We are working with young people and their families to develop a proposal, for a model of support that would provide better experiences for young people and their families as they move into adulthood, whilst continuing to ensure that the we meet our statutory responsibilities within the resources available. 

A Customer Charter for Home Support Services

We worked with people who receive care, their informal carers and organisations that provide care to develop a Customer Charter for Home Support Services. Together, they co-produced the charter. It sets out the standards which service users expect to experience, providers need to deliver and against which providers’ performance will be assessed.

Standards for Home Support Services

If you receive support at home from a care agency, these standards are for you, they set out what you can expect.  If you are a care agency, these are the standards that are expected from your staff and the standards that we will use to monitor the quality of your services.

These standards have been jointly written by people who receive care in their home and home care support agencies.


Championing co-production

The co-production champions are a group of people who use services, carers, families, professionals from health and social care, and independent and voluntary sector providers. Together we are learning and working together to make change happen. Their role is to :

  • hold regular meetings 
  • grow and develop the network, recruiting new members, developing values and ways of working
  • promote co-production by giving talks, writing blogs, holding events, providing training
  • make sure the network has a balanced membership including people who use services, carers, council staff and providers.
  • get involved in setting up or supporting co-production projects.

We will be looking for new champions in September.

Co-production board

Board members check, challenge, advise and support us in our co-production work.They are a group of people from Oxfordshire who are experts through experience using, or caring for someone using, health and social care services.

Be part of the board

Get involved in something new and help to shape the future of services in Oxfordshire. As a member, you will be expected to:

  • attend meetings, training and workshops as agreed by the board
  • read documents produced for and by the board, or connected with the work of the board. This will often be in time outside of meetings.
  • participate in discussions and activities
  • challenge and question in a helpful way in order to support the board with decision making
  • use your knowledge and personal experience of using services to support the aims of the board
  • check and approve progress of co-production work

Who are we looking for?

You will:

  • have personal experience of services or be a carer of someone who receives services from us. We may include someone without personal experience if they can show an excellent understanding of services
  • live in Oxfordshire
  • understand, or be interested in, the services provided by us
  • want to contribute to the development of services in Oxfordshire
  • understand the need to balance openness and confidentiality
  • have good communication skills
  • respect people’s differences and their different needs

If you are interested in joining, or would like more information contact us.

Time, travel expenses and out-of-pocket expenses will be covered in line with our policy.