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County Council election results - May 2021

On Thursday 6 May 2021, all 63 seats on the county council were up for re-election.

Conservative Independent Alliance

Following the county council election of 6 May 2021, no single political group had a majority (i.e. more than half) of the elected councillors.  The Liberal Democrat Group have been joined by the Green Party to form the Liberal Democrat Green Alliance.

The successful candidates for The Labour Party and The Labour & Co-operative Party make up the Labour & Co-operative Party Group on the County Council.

The Liberal Democrat Green Alliance and the Labour & Co-operative Party Group have joined together for Oxfordshire’s Fair Deal Alliance, which controls the council.

Results by Party

Party Name Seats won % of votes
The Conservative Party 21 37%
Liberal Democrats 21 26%
Labour & Co-operative Party Group 8 9%
Labour Party 7 12%
Green Party 3 12%
Independent 1 2%
Henley Residents Group 1 1%
Labour 1 <1%