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Forms and guides for LGPS members

Make sure your pension reflects your decisions and options.

If you need these forms in an alternative format  please contact Pension Services in the first instance.

For councillors, visit the councillor members page.

Summary of the LGPS:  2017 version

Brief guide to LGPS 2017 (pdf format, 391Kb)

Option to elect to the 50/50 section of the scheme

Contact your employer to elect to reduce your contribution and again when you want to return to the main scheme. Find out more about the implications of the 50/50 election on your pension from the LGPS 2014 website.

Elect to join the LGPS

Use the Opt In form (pdf format, 196Kb) to re-join the scheme after an earlier election to ‘opt-out’. Download, complete and send to your employer for action.

Opt out of the scheme

If you decide to opt out of the LGPS, you will need to complete the Opt Out form (pdf format, 490Kb) and send to your employer’s payroll department. We recommend you read the entire form and get independent financial advice before completing the form.

Expression of wish

There may be a death grant payable after your death. Oxfordshire Pension Fund has absolute discretion about payment, however to assist with their decision, complete and return a Death Grant and Expression of Wish Direction Form (pdf format, 205Kb), this will register where you would like the death grant to be paid.

There could still be a death grant due if your death is:

  • after leaving the scheme, and you have not yet retired and the fund holds your deferred benefit
  • in some circumstances after you have started to draw your pension.

Request for estimate of pension benefits

You can telephone Pension Services, to request an estimate of your pension benefits.

Please note: It is only possible to provide these details once per year. Allow up to three weeks, after your discussion with us, to receive the reply   

You could do it yourself: base your calculation on your last statement then reduce the values by the shortfall from your last day of service to your state pension age.  Here is the table showing early payment reductions. 

If you are leaving your employment voluntarily between  age 55 and your normal pension age and considering requesting  your LGPS benefits to immediately follow employment you must have this request to Pension Services  at least three months in advance of the date you want your benefits to be paid.

An early payment of pension, before your normal pension age, will usually mean a reduced pension for the rest of your life. Make  sure  you know the details by requesting an estimate before you agree to payment.

When you know when and how you want to take your benefits complete the retirement declaration form (pdf format, 485Kb) You can find the retirement timetable here.

If you require an estimate of your pension benefits to assess the matrimonial assets for a possible divorce, there are separate timescales and charges, and you should contact Pension Services direct for this specific request.

Procedure to adjudicate disputes

 If you have a problem or question about your LGPS membership or benefits, please contact Pension Services.

We will seek to clarify or put right any misunderstandings or inaccuracies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you are still dissatisfied with any decision made in relation to the scheme you have the right to have your complaint reviewed under the scheme's internal disputes .

To start the formal enquiry you must complete the  adjudication procedure form (pdf format, 116Mb) and return it to the Pension Services manager at Pension Services.

Last reviewed
25 May 2017
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