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Fees and reviews

Information around fees and payments for providers of adult social care and support services

Ceiling threshold rates for 2022/23

Threshold rate

Ceiling threshold
Weekly/Daily/Hourly Rate


Ceiling threshold
Weekly/Daily/Hourly Rate


Residential Care Homes (Weekly) £1,000 £1,090
Nursing Care Homes (Weekly) £1,200 £1,355
Homecare Support (Hourly) £25.20 £27.47
Reablement (Episode) £1,017.60 £1,109.18
Community Support (Hourly) £25.20 £27.47
Extra Care Housing (On-site Care - Weekly charge) £59.24 £64.57
Extra Care Housing (Hourly) £25.20 £27.47
Supported Living (Hourly) £19.90 £21.69
Supported Living (Weekly) £1,220 £1,330

Review process

If you would like to request a review and uplift of your current rates please submit a request to CareContractsPriceReview@oxfordshire.gov.uk  together the cost analysis tool:

Your request will be reviewed by a panel who will look at:

  • The Care Needs of the individuals
  • Unit Costs compared to CareCubed / Home care Benchmarking

Providers will then be informed of the outcome. If a change is recommended by the panel, the provider will receive the appropriate uplift.  We will then arrange payment as agreed.


The rate paid to care homes for NHS-funded nursing care (FNC) is £219.71 from 1 April 2023. More information can be found here.