Comments and complaints

Hearing from people - comments, compliments and complaints.

We want to hear comments, compliments and complaints from people who use services, whether they are provided or commissioned by the council, or chosen and bought directly by people themselves.

Comments and Complaints Service

The Comments and Complaints Service can help manage and resolve complaints about children's and adults' services, and records and analyses the messages received, both good and bad so that they can be learned from. Learning opportunities are important for the council and for all of us who are providing services to adults and children. Organisations who manage complaints positively are seen to be responsive and focused on quality and great customer service.

In most cases, if someone has a concern they will raise it directly with the organisation providing care. Concerns might come up as part of contract monitoring or through other routes such as service user surveys or telephone call-in days. People might contact the Comments and Complaints Service directly.

All of these are appropriate and useful ways of hearing from people. Often the concerns raised are about a mixture of things provided in different ways (for example assessments, reviews, residential care, support at home, health services) The person may not be interested in who is responsible for what. It is our job to make sure we are joined up in responding to people.

Although people should always be encouraged to talk to someone involved in providing their support and care, the Comments and Complaints Service are happy to respond if someone wants to talk outside of the immediate service they receive. We will work with the person to find the best and most local resolution where at all possible.

Please make sure that people using your services know how to make a complaint to the council.

Arranging a visit

If you would like someone from the Comments and Complaints Service to come and visit your organisation we will be more than happy to arrange it.