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2022-23 Director of Public Health annual report

Healthy weight, healthy communities, healthy lives

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on our lives. We got used to moving less and had restricted access to the services that helped keep us healthy.

A new director of public health report highlights how we now have a significant public health threat. It’s left us with a challenge – how we tackle obesity and physical inactivity in our county.

Social, economic and environmental factors all come into play. And because of that, we need a partnership approach to address it. There is no single fix.

We already have so many great initiatives in place, from our new food strategy to hosting workshops about school food and much more, but we can go further.

We need to help people get access to healthy, affordable food, encourage movement and active transport and the use of our green space in order to see real change.

We hope this annual report builds on the great work we started with my 2020/21 report (pdf format, 2.7Mb) about hidden equalities.

The challenges then are closely linked to the theme of this year’s report. The benefits of the work we’re delivering in communities across the county and the things we have learnt from that will mean we can continue to build on our understanding and have an even greater impact.

Working together, we can improve the health and wellbeing of Oxfordshire.