Home assessment for equipment, aids and adaptations

An occupational therapist can visit you at home to make an assessment of your needs.

If you have a deteriorating medical condition or think that there are several pieces of equipment that you need, you may want to have an assessment.

Home assessment

An occupational therapist (OT) is qualified to assess your needs related to your disability.

He or she can help you find solutions to enable you to live independently or to support your carers.

This may result in:

  • providing equipment
  • advising where you can buy equipment
  • advising on alterations to your home
  • finding alternative ways to carry out day-to-day activities.


Following an assessment the occupational therapist will discuss with you options for meeting your needs.

This will include your mobility around the house and how you manage personal and domestic tasks as well as considering the needs of those who live with you or care for you.

How can I get an assessment?

You can refer yourself for an assessment or be referred with your permission by:

  • your care manager or social worker
  • your doctor
  • your carers, a friend or relative.

Self assessment

If you wish to refer yourself or someone else for assessment or have a general enquiry, please complete our online form or contact Social and Health Care.

Equipment you can borrow free of charge

If you have problems bathing, washing or dressing, there is a range of equipment to help you or the person who cares for you. Our online catalogue allows you to choose and request items of equipment to help you live at home.

Buying your own equipment

How to get in touch with care and equipment providers if you wish to buy privately.

Use our Live Well Oxfordshire directory to find services near you.

If you have a general enquiry or want information on other services, you can complete this online general enquiry form or contact Social and Health Care.

More information and advice

There are a range of resources available to help you take control of your own care. To find other local services near to you visit our Live Well Oxfordshire directory.