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Direct payments

A more flexible way to use your personal budget to buy care services.

Eligible needs and your personal budget

Direct payments are an option if you have both:

  • been assessed as having eligible needs
  • and are entitled to help with care costs following the financial assessment.

You will have a personal budget as part of your support plan. The amount you have to contribute will depend on:

  • your savings
  • income
  • any property you may own
  • your disability-related expenditure.

Learn more in our guide to paying for your care.

Receiving your personal budget as direct payments

A direct payment is a cash payment made directly to an account that we create for you. You use a card to purchase your care, set up direct debits, and make one-off payments.

Receiving your personal budget as direct payments will allow you to:

  • purchase your own care and support in a way that best suits you
  • be as independent as possible.

Direct payments are a good way to be creative and flexible when managing your care. But arranging the care can involve more work for you.

Using direct payments to buy care services

You can use your direct payments to buy care privately. However, we can still help you to arrange and manage your services. We will make sure the services meet your assessed needs.

Find the direct payments approved provider list (APL) on Live Well Oxfordshire.